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Jan 18, 2012
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Let's see if anyone agrees with me.

In my opinion, this was the best of the Nolan trilogy.

Personally, I enjoyed the most out of the 3. Now, to be honest, I am not a fan of Nolan's take on batman, the realism he puts into it.

I see it as action/crime dramas starting comic book characters, opposed to a comic book oriented movie. Personally, I want to feel like I am watching a comic book. So with that being said,

I am ALWAYS a sucker for an origin story. And with that said,
is there anyone else who enjoyed Batman Begins more than The Dark Knight? And The Dark Knight Rises?
Is it the best film made involving Batman. No. I think The Dark Knight is a better film - it has a better narrative structure and better character development for the villains. But really, not much of it is about Batman himself.

But the best Batman movie (as in the best film primarily about the character himself) is Batman Begins for me, with Mask of the Phantasm as a close second.

I understand with a rogues gallery as good as Batman's, the villains can often be more compelling to directors, but it is sad that Batman often plays second fiddle to them. Begins actually treated Batman as more than a mirror for the villains.

TDKR is more about Bruce Wayne, with the focus on Batman once again weakened a little for me.
bad place to the no. It's better than Rises which I thought was garbage. But it Begins is still flawed as bad place. The origin drags out. Too much babble about fear all the time to make you dizzy from hearing the word. Scarecrow is watered down and pathetic. Ra's is boring and not used enough. Katie Holmes stank the place out. The microwave emitter stuff was dumb.

TDK is still the king of this trilogy.
^ Everybody thinks that. But for some reason, I could never really get into the dark knight.

I enjoyed batman begins, Rises I enjoyed moderately, I'd give batman begins a 9 out of 10, rises 7.2/10 and dark knight like 7/10. Personally I never really enjoyed the dark knight.

I don't know what it is about it I didn't like. I just, plainly was never a big fan of it.
boo hoo. i didn't notice it..and yes, i did search first. With that being said, go ahead and close it mods
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