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wat if there was a universe where villians of marvel were heroes and vice versa..



who would you want to be the avengers??

I would have:

Dr doom




Green goblin



Now who would you have on the avengers if this was a universe in marvel???
batroc the leaper
the wizard
This is silly...

if you really want to do this then you would have to look at the bios of all the characters and see what their motivations would be....

Just because doom is now a hero wouldn't make him any less likely to still work as an individual.

also there are some characters i can't imagine being criminals like spidey but more like hard hitting vigilantes and such. That is until he got the symbiote. there would be no venom in this realm and carnage would be his arch nemesis.

This i would say. Kraven would make the best superhero ever!!!! He'd be like batman with ancient tatics, how cool is that.
very cool indeed november i just had a thought in this scenario woulf the fantastic four be the frightful four and vice versa?

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