Watchmen Motion Comic

Just picked up my copy right now, I don't see it advertising for a digital download like I heard nor is there a code inside so I'm a little disappointed in that. I'll update once Ive finally seen it all.
i saw the previews on my gfs Iphone...

is it only narrarated by one guy the whole time?
is it worth the buy? im deciding whether to get it or not....anyone see the prison scene?
is it only narrarated by one guy the whole time?

Yeah. It sounds stupid but he's actually a really good voice actor and after the 1st chapter or so, you don't even care. I thought it was stupid that he did the women too but he has the right emotions for every line so it pays off. Kudos to him.

is it worth the buy? im deciding whether to get it or not....anyone see the prison scene?

It's not really worth a buy. I mean, it's the GN with a little animation and a guy narrorating it. To me it was a good way for WB to capitalize on people who are too lazy to read the GN, but to people who read the GN, check it out but that's it. If you already have the GN it's not really worth it. And if you read the book you seen the prison scene. Seriously. It's the same thing.
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I just bought this on Blu-ray and the damn digital copy is ONLY for Windows. What's total BS about this is that they are selling it for $20 on the iTunes store, but if you buy the DVD or Blu you get screwed over if you're a Mac user like myself.
Loved it. Watched the 12th Chapter an hour before watching the movie. Got to say, in some parts, the motion comic OWNS the movie, especially in terms of narration and music, which I found great.

We need to have more comics done like that.
Watched a bit of it, wasn't to fond of the voice actors, or Rorschachs at least. Would be cool if the movie actors did the voices.
I watched this the other night on "Pay-Per-View" and it was kinda cool. They edit the story here and there but except for the extra stuff that's at the end of each book, It's all there.

The only part I didn't like is the fact that the Pay-Per-View channel split the thing up into three parts with 4 chapters in each part. I essentially had to buy it three times just to get the whole book.:csad:
I can't get past the narration. Why have one man read all the parts?
The Narrarator is good but if they had at least a girl doing the women part then I would have bought it.

So it's not really worth to buy and own when you can watch it for free online.
Bought it and watched the first chapter. I like it, it's got a nice little atmosphere all of its own.

Long though. I'll need to dedicate a good chunk of my weekend to watching it
I watched the first two chapters tonight. I like it, having a guy do the voice acting for the women is a little hard to get used to at first. He does at least have somewhat distinct voices for the male characters though.
I've watched about half of this. Not too bad. Yes it's weird at first to have a grown man voice women (and children for that matter), but he does a decent job with the voices. Some you probably couldn't tell was him at first.

You know, it's funny: I started reading Watchmen when the Office(U.S. version) first came on the air. And ever since, I always had the voice of the man who plays Stanley in mind whenever I read the chapter with Dr. Malcom (particularly after Rorschach explains when Rorschach was "born").

And sure enough, I get to chapter 6 and who does Dr. Malcom sound like? STANLEY FROM THE OFFICE!!! :grin:
The motion comic is over 5 hours long but I think I could have seriously sat through the whole thing in one sitting.

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