weird pm's you've gotten?

The whiners complaining that I closed their dumb/repetative/"unique" threads.
One from Gunblade about clowns....other than that i don't get that many or any PMs
My favorite is when people PM me complaining about another poster, so I IP check and they ARE the other poster, and they are supposed to be banned in the first place, so I ban the name the complained about AND the name the complained with. That has happened more than once. It's like they are trying to test me or something. Don't they know who I am? I'm the Juggernaut, bi--I mean, the Empress!!!
Just yesterday or the day before, can't remember...someone said:

Hey, Wilhelm-Scream!
And then they wanted info from me on France and Novo Bonbon Cheap Toys, wanting to know if "GPK" toys are sold in France.


All I've ever said about France is that I hate the French People and their culture, and I have never, ever even heard of "Novo Bonbon Cheap Toys" and I have no idea what "GPK" stands for so I certainly would have no idea if they're available in France!

So I'm like, he must really have me mixed up with someone else, BUT, he very clearly greeted me with my correct name, so that was insane.
got one asking me to sign a petetion for people to legally marry animals
Oh, I forgot about the one where one of the players in those "versus" threads PMed me asking me to vote for I voted for the other guy.
Not many here, but I repeatedly get messages from 28 year-old gay men on MySpace asking if they could go down on me. I get so many of them within a day, it's actually quite disturbing. :dry:
Oh, and a certain rosy-cheeked someone has sent me some doozies, trying to make veiled threats that he'll go V-Tech and it'll all be my fault for teasing him. :whatever:
The funny part is, he went on and on about how everything I said about him was true and how it's pathetic that he should care so much what a stranger on the internet thinks of him, but that he still does care, so much. LOL
got one on youtube asking if i want to slaughter dolphins
someone once asked me what i use on my face:huh:
Ghostrider 87 sent me a couple PMs threatening me for saying his superhero vs. ideas sucked. :woot:
i'm not popular enough to get wierd PM's. The lamest was from a guy promoting his hip hop website
Nothing necessarily weird. I do get posters asking me advice about their lives.
There's a regular poster on these boards who sent me nudie pics of herself once. Totally out of the blue.

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