weird pm's you've gotten?

^lol! Hippy Facist sent me a video of the Gin Blossoms' "Hey Jealousey" the other day for no apparent reason :confused: The wierder part was I don't even like the Gin Blossoms, but I watched the whole goddam video just to see if it was going anywhere :dry:
haha...I got that one too. But I like the Gin Blossoms so it was all good.
The only thing worse than/more boring than the Gin Blossoms is Counting Crows. :o
What drab, nothing-music. :o
Jag, why is the sky blue? :huh:

It's sad because you touch yourself at night. And in the afternoon. And in the morning, too. But mostly at night.

When I made the porn star thread, I got asked once or twice did I want weird porno:dry: I declind the offer....
I'm just to update it before. I still havent got a weird P.M.
I've never gotten anything too weird. One time a guy I never knew and never saw again sent me a PM that pretty much was just like "I'm in high school too. SWEET!" Another guy sent me an e-mail thanking me profusely for posting in his thread.
I just got a PM from a certain Hypester begging me for the nudie pics I mentioned before.
Yay! I like TEDDY. It amuses me when he posts :)
I got a PM asking me if I wanted weird porn or something like that and I told 'em I wasn't interested.

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