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What are currently your 3 favorite season 1 - 7 scenes in Smallville?


Jun 10, 2004
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I know season 7 hasn't finished yet, but ignoring that, what are currently your 3 or 4 personal favorite season 1 - 7 scenes from Smallville and please say why you admire each scene named - for the acting in the scene, for the action, special FX, emotion or dialogue of any scene, for the way any particular scene was filmed, or a combo of all of these factors.
3 or 4 huh?...It's kind of hard to narrow it down to that few...but I'll start off, and by no means in particular order of which scene I like the most,

1. Clark meeting Dr Swan for the first time (The music, the acting, the actors..what more could you ask out of this scene)...I couldn't stop watching this scene, it just felt so...well let just say that I was in a state of "awe" for a long time.

2. The Justice league walk ( well even though Clark had little to do with the episode than I would've hoped for, it was still one of the most iconic scenes throughout the series, the music and everything, watching clark in that scene made me realize that he had grown quite a bit since season one, and I saw the shades of superman within him this moment)

3. Clark proposing to Lana in the FOS (I'm no Clana fan, and believe me I wish for this relationship to end, but this scene was well shot and the music and the background was just breath taking, and of course, FINALLY LANA FOUND OUT...of course she died later on and was revived and had to wait another season b4 she found out again.)

4. Clark taking his first flight (enough said)
Great thread! Let's see . . . off the top of my head, here are the ones that come to mind:

1. Clark and Martha in the loft at the end of "Memoria." Clark is remembering his birth parents sending him to earth. He tells Martha that his biological mother's name is Lara. He is so touched that her main concern for him was that he would be loved. He now knows that his birth parents loved him and sent him away to save him. It's an important scene. Every adopted child wants to know why they were given away. This scene also showcases the special mother that Martha is to Clark and the love they share as mother and son.

2. Lionel and Chloe at the Torch in "Transference." Lionel has possessed Clark's body so Chloe thinks it's Clark. The way Lionel toys with Chloe's emotions for Clark and the way Tom played that scene is brilliant!

3. The graveside scene at Jonathan's funeral. That was so beautifully shot. The snow covered graveyard and the stark contrast of everyone clad in black; the soft lens and the slo-mo used to film the scene; the Peter Gabriel song "I Grieve"; the emotion expressed on the faces; the final shot of Clark alone in front of the angel statue ... everything was so moving. Even after many times I still tear up when I watch this scene.

4. Clark and Lois in the bathroom in "Gone." Their comic timing and playful chemistry is showcased and I love it when Tom gets to play the lighter moments!

There are so many more great scenes it's hard to limit it to 3 or 4!
1. Lex asking Clark to join him in Onyx - evil Lex was awesome and it was a glimpse into the future more or less.

2. Clark flying in season 4 premiere - he's flying, that's reason enough to like the scene!

3. Clark forming the FOS - very iconic scene, reminded me of the movie

4. Jonathan's funeral scene - the music and somber atmosphere was very well done. I miss Pa Kent.

The first two were from season 4 and the last two from season 5. Ironically enough, they were my two least favorite seasons of the show.
It seems that you guys are implying that only season 1 - 4 was any good.
Okay, I'll bite. :)

1. Clark meeting Swann in "Rosetta." This was the moment I officially became a SV fan. The music, the acting and the proverbial torch-passing. Brilliant.

2. Kal-El taking flight in "Crusade." Though I wasn't a huge fan of the overly CG distortion field they put in for his take-off, his delivery of "My name is Kal-El and it is time to fulfill my destiny" was impressive.

3. Lex's ominous walk down the hall of 33.1 in "Subterranean." What was otherwise one of SV's weakest eps also contained the defining moment in Lex's path to darkness. He totally sold the cockiness on his face, and the hands reaching out of the barred doors was a nice touch. Perfect encapsulation of evil Lex.

4. Clark and Lois' "flight" above Metropolis in "Crimson." So, neither of them were themselves. So what? Not to get all Kal-El 8 here, but that might be the only time we'll ever see Welling's Superman and Durance's Lois engage in one of the most iconic images of Superman lore.
Sigh. :csad: IMO Season 6 was the best but oh well.
I like how most of the best Clark moments are ones when he isnt Clark.

But yes, the flight scene when he was Kal-El was a good one, it redeemed an otherwise lame premiere.

I like the graveyard scene and the Luthor mansion scene ("do you believe a man can fly") from the unaired pilot with the original music.
Hmm, everytime I think of one good scene another that was way better comes to mind, but I'll try to limit this.

1) I liked the graveyard scene in the pilot, especially the beginning when Lana asks who's there and when Clark replies, he's standing in front of a statue of an angel and all you can see are the wings behind him. I've always loved that shot, and their conversation afterwards was great too.

2) Like everyone else, I liked the flight scene, but my favorite part was definitely the line "I am Kal-El of Krypton. It is now time for me to fulfill my destiny." I get more goosebumps everytime I see that part than the actual flight itself.

3) "Rosetta" - TW and Christopher Reeve, 'nuff said. :super:

4)The final scene of "Metamorphosis" and "X-Ray". I really liked how they captured the emotions of Clark when, even after he fought off somebody who kidnapped her and eventually rescued her from whatever trap they put her in, he can't do anything else but watch Lana run into the arms of Whitney. I especially liked the dialogue between Martha and Clark at the end of "X-Ray" ...

Clark: "Mom, what would you do if you could see everything?"
Martha: "I'd learn to close my eyes."
1. Rosetta - the scene between Clark and Dr. Swan, I don't think anything will ever top this scene, everything about it just rocked.

2. I'm not sure if it was the end of Facade or Devoted, but Clark is in a dunk tank at a school carnival and Lois hits the target and dunks him, just a very playful flirty scene between them, also when they pan to Chloe she just has this look on her face that says she's lost Clark romantically and she knows he'll end up with Lois

3. Clark and Bart racing at the end of the Flash episode, just a cool scene between them.

4. Clark and Alicia on their "wedding night" basically just putting that in here because Sarah Carter is so hot.
1) Clark and Lex in the loft (no homo) in Season 1 " Our friendship will be the stuff of legend"

2) Lana finally finding out in the season 6 finale.

3)Lex getting thrown in the looney bin over Johnny Cash

4) Clark and Bart in a race

5) Lana and Clark at t Whitney's pops funeral

6) J Kent's funeral

7) Clark "flying" in Season 4's opener

8) Lana and Lex after the costume party.....and then cutting to Clark's loney ass in the loft LMAO!
1. When Clark and Lex meet on the bridge, the car crash

2.Clark telling pete his secret then shoting hoops later on in the show

3. Clark meeting Dr. Swann

4. Forming of the fortress

5. Lex walks down 33.1

6. Bizzaro flight from season 6 finale, with the fly towards screen then the face change
1.Dr Swann meet
2.Johnathan's funeral
3.The fortress being made
4.Clark flying
5. Perry White
6. Jimmy Olson
7.When people mention Gotham
8.Lanna finding out
9.Bart race
11.Chloe finds out
This show is fun and amazing to me, so narrowing it down to 3 is going to be kinda hard...but here goes.

1. Phoenix- Clark and Jonathan duking it out.

2. Graduation- When clark saved the small boy from the meteor.

3. 100th-Jonathans' death and Funeral..(Such a sad scene):csad:

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