What do you think creates the majority of our personalities?

Oct 4, 2007
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- Experience
- Peers
- Location
- Parental influence
- Birth order (first, middle, last, only)
- Other

If one of these subjects changed, how much of an affect do you think it would have on a person?

About how accurately do you think you could guess these on a person you’ve never met?
Whatever happens in the middle school years.

I think we're all pretty outgoing and fun loving in elementary school but things seem to shift after that.

But other than that, I think experience and peers are the culprits.
I think it's mostly environment and little bit genetics. But mostly environment. Experience and peers would encompass most of the environment aspect, IMO.
Environment and genetics. I used to write off genetics moreso than I do now. It seems it's role in shaping our personality may be a lot more important than we once gave it credit for.
Environment could possibly play a factor, but I don't act like any of the guys I grew up with back in the day.
Parental factor is number one and a little something called soul.
David Hasselhoff does. It's true.

Genetics. Babies that are fussy and uncomfortable around strangers tend to keep those traits through life. Experience plays a part, but I think it has to be a consistent trend to really have an effect. A single experience can have an effect, but it needs to be a pretty major event, imo.
I think everyone fall under a certain category. We are just that type of person. There could be two guys in Guatamela ; One hot headed , the other calm and reserved. It doesn't matter where you are located because those types pf personality exist.
Everyone is slightly different though due to genetics , location , etc.
I say parental influence because they are with you when you're young when you are learning about the world around you, and as you're growing up. How they treat you and act around you really has a big influence on whether you think they stand for the right thing and follow their path, or if you think they're wrong and decide to be the opposite.
I think it's partially to do with our genetics/body chemistry and the different expierences you have in your developing years outside of your family that makes a good bulk of your personality.
Search Ainsworth and Bowlby's theory of development.
It all depends, truth be told. Genetics could play a part, but it's so subtle it might not even be noticeable. As far as my parents, moms enjoys her wine and my sister drinks, whereas my dad don't drink at all period, and if I do, it's like NA beers or whatever. That **** just slowly rubbed off on us over time respectively.

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