Guardians of the Galaxy What Do You Wanna See?

For the mixtape Vol 3, the songs I want to see the most are Symptom of the Universe by Black Sabbath, Rocket Man by Elton John and Space Oddity by David Bowie.
3 part and they need to be more on Earth now a little.

Sam Alexander could be introduced.

maybe Guardians of the Galaxy vs Avengers in Civil war 2? after vol 3? anyone?
A battle between the heroes if the infinity stones stay on earth or are taken back into space.
Dr strange, thor, captain america, captain marvel,spiderman, antman, wasp, ironman , hulk, groot, black panther and guardians would deserve something like that after the battle with Thanos to show more and have more contact and relations with each other.
Could see Captain Marvel be on the Guardians side.

Adam warlock could show up and be the one to take the stones back or be the new thread that makes them battle or end the battle.

We may get Thor vs Ironman, Cap vs Star lord, Rocket vs Black widow and Hawkeye and maybe Groot vs Hulk and more.
Dr Strange would really need a battle with wanda, thor, ironman, black panther or someone on the team...
A conflict would be nice but don't know if after infinity wars so close to make sense in Guardians of Galaxy 3? or maybe first introduce Adam Warlock and then maybe Civil war 2 in Black Panther 2? Dr Strange2? Captain Marvel 2? to suit the name and numer 2 more in it?

This would allow to use intersting talks between hearoes after civil war I and make sense.

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