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what exactly is speed ball's powers?


Dec 8, 2005
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i know he can redirect and absorb kinetic energy, but is that all? what are the bubbles surrounding him for? does he have super speed or something?
lol, awhile ago, his status was Deceased, now it's unknown.
I hope he lives, and is the only surviving member of the New Warriors.
that would be a great twist, if maybe he goes insane because of what he's just gone through.
Yeah...but Wikipedia says that Speedball and Squirell Girl could be considered a Couple.
Are they? I didn't bother with all that valentines Marvel stuff where that story was supposed to be in.
I love Speedball.... God I miss the 90s Warriors. Firestar, Speedball, Night Trasher, Nova.... now thats a team. Not this bull**** reality show crap.

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