What team jerseys do you have?


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Feb 15, 2001
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Thrashers, #18 Marian Hossa
Falcons, #3 D.J. Shockley
Cavaliers - LeBron James #23 jersey
Yankees -A-Rod #13 jersey
Panthers - Steve Smith #89 jersey

Colorado Avalanche
#33 - Patrick Roy


Edmonton Oilers (Former third jersey)
No name, no number
I Grew outta all my jerseys
but i have a bunch of Michigan state shirts...
and a J.Terry Green Mavericks Jersey style t-shirt
Pittsburgh Penguins - Vintage 1985 Mario Lemuix Replica and a customized one with my name. I also have an old Jaromír Jágr jersey that I bought back during his days on the Pens and still wear on occassion.

Pittsburgh Steelers - Heath Miller, Troy Polamalu, Jerome Bettis, and Hines Ward jerseys.

Pittsburgh Pirates - One customized with my name and a vintage Willie Stargel jersey.

Phoenix Suns - Vintage Charles Barkley (don't wear it often though. I'm not a big basketball fan, but I like Barkley).
Detroit Red Wings - Home #19 Steve Yzerman replica

St. Louis Rams - Home #39 Steven Jackson authentic

Detroit Pistons - Red #32 Richard Hamilton replica

Detroit Tigers - Custom Nike jersey. Also have a replica 2006 World Series jersey.

Michigan State - Replica basketball jersey. Replica football jersey signed by 2007 team.

All the other jersey's I had of our players that have retired or left Philly teams(Lindros, Dykstra, Stallworth)
I still have a Vikings 88 jersey I bought when I was a hs freshman. Turns out I've grown. :(
DC United Home Jersey
Ireland FAI Eircom Home Jersey
I have quite a few

Michael Jordan both NC and Bulls
Jerry Rice 49ers
Eddie George Titans
Warren Moon Oilers
Steve Mcnair Titans
Barry Sanders Lions
Troy Aikman Cowboys
Roger Staubach Cowboys
Michael Irvin Cowboys
Columbus Bluejackets #61 Rick Nash

Cincinnati Bengals #9 Carson Palmer

Cincinnati Bengals #85 Chad Johnson

Toronto Bluejays Alternate Black Jersey

Ohio State Buckeyes #30 unnamed
Many of my jerseys are outdated. But prepare for a long and pointless post!

As a Dolphins fan.....(crickets)

and football being my first love, i have purchased the jerseys of everyone from Jay Fiedler (OH MY GOD!) to Dan Marino (of course).

I have an:

Authentic Jason Taylor which is too big (like 3XL my Dad bought it i am only an XL)

A Replica Zach Thomas which is too small because i bought it in 1999 ;)

The the outdated ones:

Replica Junior Seau
Replica Daunte Culpepper Orange
Replica Ricky Williams (Isn't outdated but i used scissors and cut it into pieces)
Replica David Boston
The aforementioned Replica Jay Fiedler

So basically all i have is the Marino one. Not that i even need a Dolphins jersey because at 1-15 there isn't a whole lot of showing off to do anyway :(

I love the Phillies but i'm more of a t-shirt with player names guy than a baseball jersey guy. I have a Chase Utley, Aaron Rowand and Mike Schmidt t-shirt.

Flyers jerseys are so expensive that i have only three:

- Eric Lindros (i ripped his name off the back along with his captain C)
- John Vanbiesbrouck: Gotta love the Beezer!
- John LeClair: He was the man when he was healthy

Oh and a plain Flyers jersey with no name.

Of course the NHL redesigns their jerseys this year so now all of the above are obsolete anyway. Including my Ottawa Senators alternate jersey which i got simply because it looked cool!

NBA Jerseys i dont have any of:
When the Sixers went to the finals in the glorious year of 2001 i had an Iverson jersey. But that ceased to fit me about a year later so i gave it to someone.

I also have a Kobe Bryant number EIGHT jersey lying around somewhere (go figure, another outdated jersey he's 24 now).

Honorable Mentions:
- Kurt Warner, Rams (Cardinal Now)
- Domanick Davis, Texans (Nowhere now, not only is he not on a team but he changed his name to Domanick Williams! WHAT THE HELL!)
- William Green, Browns (Remember this guy? He was highly drafted then got into some legal trouble and never really played anymore).
- Edgerrin James, Colts (Cardinal Now, doesn't fit anyway)

So as you can see ladies and gentlemen, i am the CURSE of sporting goods. Every thing i own ends up becoming worthless within a year. Hell even Aaron Rowand signed with the Giants.
San jose Sharks- owen nolan, jeff freissen, joe thornton, patrick marleau,mike grier

49ers-joe motana, steve young, jerry rice, alex smith,vernon davis,frank gore

oakland A's- eric chavez, nick swisher, dave henderson, ricky henderson

S.F giants- barry zito

Golden state warriors- tim haradaway, mitch richmond, chris mullin, barron davis,jason richardson

San jose earthquakes- dwayne de rosario,brian ching

Liverpool authentic- steven gerrard..go reds go reds












Since Sonics might me moving to Oklahoma City, I'm going to pretend I don't have their jersey (*heartbroken*).
Mets- #7 Jose Reyes

Red Sox- #45 Pedro Martinez (home so there's no name).
White Authentic #49 Georgia Jersey (Circa 1998)

Red Authentic #47 Georgia Practice Jersey (Circa 1997)

Red Georgia #47 Jersey (Circa 1996)

White Authentic #33 Georgia Practice Jersey (Circa 2002)

STL Rams Kurt Warner Jersey (Circa 2000)

SD Chargers Powder Blue Tomlinson Jersey (Circa 2004)
Let's see...

Tampa Bay Lightning: Martin St. Louis

Tampa Bay Bucs: Hardy Nickerson
Tampa Bay Bucs: Lee Roy Selmon
Tampa Bay Bucs: Donnie Abraham
Tampa Bay Bucs: Simeon Rice
Oakland Raiders: Warren Sapp
Kansas City Chiefs: Derrick Thomas
Green Bay Packers- LeRoy Butler
They're all replica jerseys. No Swingman or authentic for me. Too expensive. :csad:
  • Indiana Pacers - Blue - Reggie Miller - 31 - Early 90s
  • Indiana Pacers - Blue - Me :o - 1 - Early 00s
  • Indiana Pacers - Yellow - Reggie Miller - 31 - Early 00s
  • Minnesota Vikings - Purple - Daunte Culpepper - 12 (Rookie season; he changed to 11 the following year) - Mid 90s
  • Orlando Magic - Black - Rony Seikaly - 4 - Late 80s (the jersey depicted is the actual one I own. :o)
  • Orlando Magic - Blue - Tracy McGrady - 1 - Late 90s
  • Toronto Raptors - Purple - Vince Carter - 15 - Early 00s
  • Utah Jazz - Purple - John Stockton - 12 - Mid 90s

I haven't worn any of them in years. :huh:

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