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World What would you have wanted to see if X-Men Evolution went on for a fifth season?

The Overlord

Mar 10, 2002
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What would you have wanted to see if X-Men Evolution went on for a fifth season?

Personally I would have liked it if Sinister was the main villain of a fifth season.

If there was a fifth season, it would have worked well if the season opener was a two parter that would have based on the "Mutant Massacre" only more towned down and senseible. In this two parter, Sinister and his Marauder goons were kidnapping Murlocks and taking them to Sinister's bunker/lab to be experimented on. The X-Men set off to rescue the Murlocks after recieving a plea for help, though soon they have to face against the Marauders and mutanted Murlocks conditioned to serve Sinister. When they confront Sinister it is revealed that Beast has a past with him and that he was responsible for the plane crash that killed Cyclops' parents. The rest of the season would have been the x-Men playing cat and mouse with Sinister, until they head towards a final confrontation.
I wanted to see Psylocke, Emma Frost, Bishop, Mr. Sinister and Polaris!

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