What's Your Favorite Piece Of Final Battle Music From This Series?

Really? I liked it. 1 and 2 had better tracks, but 3's was still consistent. It wasn't as powerful I don't think, 1 and 2 had it more.

It wasn't bad, but I liked the first two better.

I think my favorite bit in all three openings is this.

1:39-1:50ish. I've always thought that was great.

I love that part.

Silver Spider said:
That's always been my favorite part.:spidey:
I also love 2:27-3:00. What exactly is the official name of that cue. I've always thought it was Peter Parker's theme, but I've seen people name it the Responsibility theme, Ben Parker's theme, or even just Parker theme.:huh:

Anyway, I really like that part so much and was disappointed by its absence in Spider-Man 3's Opening.:csad:
I love how the second-to-last note is a higher pitch than in Spider-Man 1's version.

2:27-3:00 has been my favorite part of opening sequence. It brings out the emotional journey that Peter is going through.

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