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Where are YOU going for the holidays?

Alex The Great

Sep 22, 2007
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Well. Most of us will be gone ina few weeks to visit family and friends for christmas. so where are you guys going? I'm going to England next week.
Boy did you post this on the wrong day. This place is dead.

*Anyway, I might go to my sisters. I'll need my aunt to drive 'cause I insist on partaking before I deal with the loud and obnoxious niece and nephew.
I'm going to Wisconsin to visit my Dad and that side of the family before Christmas, then back to Missouri for the rest of the holidays.
we still don't know what we'll be doing
Now my sister doesn't live far, so it's not some big trip.
I'm going to the family room where I will be watching tv all day.
December 22nd - My grandmothers in Shippensburg, PA
December 23rd - My mother in law's in Martinsburg, WV
December 24th - My father in law in Waynesboro, PA
December 25th - My dad's in Newport, PA
Enjoy the day off from work- sleep in, watch a movie or catch up on some gaming
Because my extended family tends to bicker a lot, I think it'll probably just be Mom, Grandma, my sister, two aunts, and my cousin Sabrina. Oh, and I'l be stopping by another uncle's house, to wish folks well and deliver a few presents.
Nowhere, all my fam is right around here.
My only trip will take me a few blocks away to stay at my parent's house on Christmas Eve to Christmas Day.
Six pack of Guinness + 360 elite = day full of win.
I was supposed to see my family in Michigan...BUT....We decided to stay here!
I am possibly going to NY...not sure yet though.
Possibly Orlando for the Champs Sports Bowl.
Take a nap, champ. Regroup in the morning.
No, answer the question. :cmad:
You're not making sense.

Go to bed with your wife. She's already knocked out for the night. :o

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