Iron Man Which IronMan Armor is your favorite?

My favourite is the New Red and Gold suit. I also really like the Silver Centurion, War Machine, Original Grey armor and the Movie suit as well.
The Ultimate armor is also one of my favourites. And the Neo-Classic armor. I love them all!
"Proto-Classic," assuming that is the early version with the mask coming up to two points on top.
I have so many I love, but if I had to narrow it down to one or two, my number 1 would be the Hero's Return armor by Sean Chen and the second would be the Modular Armor or the mid-90's.
But, I also like the Silver Centurian Armor, Hydro-Armor & War Machine.
I would have to say that the classic red and gold armor is my favourite, just because I remember it as the one that was around when I started reading Iron Man as akid. I especially liked the idea that the armour was slim enough to fold up and store in a briefcase (I kid you not - this was done in the comic during at least the 70's and 80's).:oldrazz:

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You can never go wroung with the original. He stayed in this form till issue # 200. Allmost 17 years. The grey suit looks more like the suit Stark 1st developes in the movie, then he goes to this look basicly. Good job by Marvel.
Issue#126 has one of the greatest covers of the armor being put on.Good stories, good art work and you didn't have to pay $3.00 an issue:csad:

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