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Which is the best on-going Batman series, out of the current ones?


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Jul 2, 2006
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Out of Batman, Detective Comics, Legends Of The Dark Knight, All Star Batman and Robin, Superman/Batman, and The Batman Strikes, which of the ongoing titles with Batman in a starring role is your favorite?
'TEC comics so far. The Dini writing just melted me into pieces all in on ish.

The Morrison run on BATMAN will be something that could do the same, but I haven't picked it up yet...
I cant judge till I read the new arc of Batman
Batman - I'll tell you after it's released in a week.

Detective Comics - A really good one-shot in, what is bound to be, a long series of really good one-shots. I wouldn't quite call it one of my favorite comics I buy, but it's definitely one of the best for Batman.

Legends Of The Dark Knight - A really, really...pointless comic. I haven't read in probably about a year - if not longer - but for the past few years, it really hasn't done anything but shell out mediocre story after mediocre story. And considering the current story is written Bruce Jones - a man who's quickly becoming everyone's least favorite writer at DC - I doubt the series is any better at the present.

All Star Batman and Robin - Quite horrible. But possibly hilarious if you can take the overly hardboiled dialogue and the insane characterization of Batman as little more than a joke. Oh, and the art's fantastic.

Superman/Batman - One issue into a new arc with a new creative team, it seems alright, but nothing spectacular yet.

The Batman Strikes - I...actually read one issue of this a few months ago. It was actually pretty acceptable for a children's comic, but hardly anything more.

Yeah, right now I'd give it to Detective easily. But I won't vote until after I read the first issue of Morrison's Batman.
Hmmmm.....it'd have to between Batman and 'Tec for sure. Those two are the going to be the best for a while. ALL STAR needs to pick up the pace....but, I think it's still able to save itself.

THE BATMAN STRIKES has pretty cool art. I like the way it looks, and the story I read was decent.

I haven't picked up an actual LOTDK comic in years.....I don't count that War Games crossover since it kinda wasn't what the title is meant for.
The last LOTDK arc I read was the one where they turned Riddler metro.

Yeah, that wasn't pretty at all.
yeah, it's hard to answer this one just coming off a Batman/Detective crossover arc, when Batman hasn't started back up yet. The recent Detective was pretty good, but the new Batman arc looks awesome. I think i'll wait until then to vote.
Batman - Solid series since Brubaker's run.

Detective Comics - Dini finished the first issue of his run. Expect this book to be damn good.

Superman/Batman - I read Mark Verheiden's first two issues. I'm considering dropping the title from my pull list.

All Star Batman - Jim Lee is the only good quality about the book.
Okay, now that I've read an issue of Morrison's Batman, I gotta say that's probably a bit better than Detective...and gets my vote on the poll.

1. Batman
2. Detective
3. Superman/Batman
4. The Batman Strikes
5. All Star Batman & Robin
6. Legends of the Dark Knight...yes, I hate it that much. :o
Morrison's Batman was f***ing amazing. Dini's issue of Detective was alright, but it didn't force me to change pants like it did for a lot of other people.

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