Which Live Action Superman/Clark Kent is your favorite?

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Jul 20, 2002
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For Superman I voted Reeve, as he is perfection. But I grew up with Cain's Clark and while his Superman is TERRIBLE, I'll always have a soft-spot for his CK which I think did the post-crisis take better than any animated attempts have.

Cavill is great and just as good as Reeve, but at the end of the day, Reeve is the one I grew up with and I do prefer a bit more of a sure-footed and less angsty Superman. Hence, my vote.
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Cavill, Reeve, Cain - as Clark Kent.
This is tough. I have a special spot for Chris Reeve after growing up watching him. He WAS Superman. After MOS, though, I'm intrigued by the potential with Cavill. Can't wait to see his DP Clark Kent.
Dean Cain is often very underrated. He was arguably the first modern superman actor to play clark kent as a real character and not just a bumbling disguise.
Live action TV Superman/Clark- Tom Welling. Even though he didn't put on the costume and officially fly till the last episode but he was Superman long before then. He was Superman in pretty much to me. I followed his journey and understood why he choose to be a hero. He was an underrated Clark in my opinion.

Live action movie Superman- Christopher Reeve and Henry Cavill. CR basically was in some way or form an inspiration for the other actors in some shape or form in the way they portray Clark and/or Superman(Brandon Routh especially since he was playing a continuation of Superman) He is kind of why Superman is viewed as the big blue boyscout/perfect Superhero (Which was a good and bad thing) but he was essentially the silver/bronze age Superman in my eyes. Henry Cavill was more of a representative of the post crisis in comics and tv(Byrne, Geoff Johns, JMS Earth One, Smallville, etc) although the script was a little off but he was great honestly in my opinion. In different ways they were my Superman.
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For me it's tough. Christopher Reeve embodied everything that Superman is, but yet Henry Cavill completely nailed the type of Superman I always wanted to see. I'm going to take off my nostalgia glasses, and vote for Cavill.
At this point, Chris Reeve but only because I need to see Cavill's Metropolis Clark Kent and how how he is together with Lois. Liked everything I've seen from Cavill so far.
No Kirk Alyn?!?!? :o

Henry Cavill is my favorite Superman presently, and looking forward to his Daily Planet Clark Kent. I think Christopher Reeve was great in Superman: The Movie as Superman, his Clark Kent is not my ideal take on the character but it was fun and entertaining to watch but in a comical way, I love George Reeves' Superman and Clark Kent, he was a man's man and both his Superman and Clark Kent were heroic, yet one was a champion and the other mild mannered about it, about the ideal way they'd be portrayed, IMO. I think Brandon Routh did very well with what he had to work with (and I think he could have been better and done more if given the chance, problems with SR lie with Singer and the writers, not the cast), the flight with Lois in Superman Returns is his best bit (and the high point of the movie for me), I liked Dean Cain's Clark Kent on Lois and Clark, but his Superman always came off as a little cheesy and kind of *****ey to me, almost like someone parodying the character (but the show itself was kind of ....that...and tongue in cheek).

I don't even count the Superboy series and I hate Tom Welling. He is a terrible actor and Smallville was a terrible show, IMO (best thing about it was Lex to me in the small amount I watched of it).
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Chris Reeve still number one for me. The original the best.
My ranking of the ones I like.

1. Christopher Reeve
2. Henry Cavill
3. George Reeves

The others I'm not particularly fond of at all.
I'd break mine down like this:

1. Dean Cain's Clark Kent
2. Henry Cavill's Superman/Clark Kent (equally)
3. George Reeves' Clark Kent
4. Chris Reeve's Superman
5. Dean Cain's Superman
6. Tom Welling's Clark Kent
7. Gerard Christopher's Superboy/Clark Kent (equally)
8. George Reeves' Superman
9. John Haymes Newton's Superboy/Clark Kent
10. Kirk Alyn's Superman/Clark Kent (equally)
11. Chris Reeve's Clark Kent
I am having such a hard time judging Henry's Clark Kent because there was really 2 Clark's in this movie. All of his persona's kind of overlapped.
Honestly, that is because his Kal-El/Superman/Clark were all the same. What will be interesting in the sequel is to see if they split it.

I personally loved Dean Cain's Clark Kent growing up (much better than even TAS's take which was a bit too stiff, IMO). However, while this is partially due to Dean's Superman being subpar, granted, there is still the problem if Clark is the dominant personality--and they won't make Superman a put-on persona--then there is no reason anyone who spends time with both (Jenny Olson, Perry White, presumably Lex Luthor, etc.) wouldn't figure out they're one in the same.

So, there needs to be something different about his Clark from his Superman. I am not saying he needs to copy Reeve and become a complete bumbler and caricature. But, he cannot really be the cool, funny ace reporter at the Planet either.

I posted this somewhere else, but I kind of like the idea of him playing his DP Clark Kent as a pseudo-intellectual type. The kind Woody Allen always makes fun of. His glasses kind of give off that vibe in the final scene and it would be a different persona from Superman. But one that is at least somewhat believable and likable, if written the right way.
Clark Kent:

1) Cavill
2) Welling
3) Cain
4) Routh
5) Reeves

And this is because of the way each handled the adoptee aspect and got right. Even the happiest adoptee has angst about it.


Tied between Reeves and Cavill.

If you are looking for the 'ideal' being - that's Reeves hands down.

If you are looking at who Superman would most likely be - that's Cavill without a doubt.
Clark Kent:

1) Cavill
2) Welling
3) Cain
4) Routh
5) Reeves

And this is because of the way each handled the adoptee aspect and got right. Even the happiest adoptee has angst about it.


Tied between Reeves and Cavill.

If you are looking for the 'ideal' being - that's Reeves hands down.

If you are looking at who Superman would most likely be - that's Cavill without a doubt.

George Reeves? Or Chris REEVE?

Though I feel like Cavill is the closest to a Reeve/Reeves mashup right now :)
No disrespect to Christopher Reeve but Henry is the Superman I've always imagine on the big screen... He was perfect as Superman in MOS... Cannot wait for him to expand on his role in MOS 2 and establish his own legacy...
Favorite to least favorite:

Henry Cavill
Tom Welling
Brandon Routh
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Christopher Reeve.No other actor before or since can touch the hem of his cape.
I think that if Tom Welling got to play Superman/ Clark Kent he would be my favorite take on the character. I think he had everything that the character needed. He could be strong and authoritive and warm and friendly. He communicated every aspect of the character, he was just missing the costume and cape.

But as far as Superman portrayals Henry Cavill wins for me, followed by Christopher Reeves.
As many have said Dean Cain's Clark is really underrated. I don't think he played Superman as well as some of the others, but his Clark was probably the best imho.

I also love Henry's take on both Clark and Superman. It's definitely modern and believable.

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