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Which one of THESE book adaptions stuck in development hell do you want to get made?


Waves of air
Feb 5, 2011
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I think all of them can be great films if handled the right way - with the best director and the best cast for each of them.
I have not "other" as an option here, because I want to know your opinions about the books in the poll and not any other fantasy or sci fi stuff being brought up.
As I have suspected, neither of these books have fans here.
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I've actually not heard of any of these books...so based on titles alone, I'd say "Leven Thumps and the Gateway to Foo".
Never heard of these titles. Are they sci/fi or fantasy novels ?
There should be an "other" option, because I really, really want a faithful 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea movie.
Isn't David Fincher doing a 20,000 Leagues movie?
I've actually not heard of any of these books...
Never heard of these titles. Are they sci/fi or fantasy novels ?
Several of the choices are book series. Strange that so few have heard about none, since they have been popular.
And yes, elements of either fantasy or sci fi can be found in all of them.

There should be an "other" option, because
Not this time. I only want votes on those books, and not have them be forgotten because of hundreds of other books being discussed for page after page.
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None of the above.
I would like to see Rendez Vous with Rama.
I don't know the books in the poll but I know that Rama is in dev hell since 2000 ( when Morgan Freeman was still attached to it ).
I've only seen the covers to some of them books so based on that I would say Peter and the Star Catchers... but one childrens series that(i haven't read but) whenever I see it on the shelf, I always think it looks like it would make a good fantasy series is Skullduggery Pleasant (Scepter of the Ancients in the US)..

I would like to see The Left Hand of God by Paul Hoffman made into a film though... Wind in the Willows, The Twits (Directed by Burton with Depp and Bonham Carter as the Twits) and Enormous Crocodile (stop motion) would be cool too.
Artemis Fowl already missed the boat. Fantasy flicks with teenage boys is pretty much over now that HP is, until the cycle repeats itself.

A Confederacy of Dunces is the one I'm waiting for, that Will Ferrell was supposed to be adapting but never seems to get off the ground.
Artemis Fowl already missed the boat. Fantasy flicks with teenage boys is pretty much over now that HP is
Now it's fantasy flicks with teenage girls that are all over the place, right?
Hey wait.... what about Percy Jackson?
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I have a feeling Enders Game will reignite the adolescent boy based fantasy genre.
Artemis Fowl is the only one I've heard of.
The Dark Tower...provided we get Frank Darabont helming it. If its Mick Garris, I'm jumping ship.
Artemis Fowl for sure... Also, any book by Anthony Horowitz
I want nearly all of them to get made. But now that Artemis Fowl is about to happen (for real) and Maze Runner soon to come, I will vote for some of the others (just to bring them forth in the light, as well).
Artemis Fowl is the only one I've even heard of and that's in title alone because they're trying to make it into a movie. The rest are complete unknowns to me.
Some strange irony that Maze Runner has got zero votes which means that nobody want it to be made into a film, yet it's the most discussed one compared to the others. Check out the Maze Runner thread and see for yourselves.
No that's not true. While Maze Runner is scifi, it's fan base is mostly made up of Young Adult readers, preteens. And I assume most here don't read YA books unless it hits that public lexicon like Hunger Games, etc. So the demographic is somewhat blurred with that and most YA novels despite sharing the same interest. It's comparing one niche to another despite being in the same pool.
Just to throw another book in here.
I want to see a film adaptation of the novel Rama by Arthur C. Clarke, made before I die...

However in the spirit of the poll. I voted Artemis Fowl.

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