Picking fantasy books for movie adaptions

Is there another book series that could make as big and epic films as the Lord of the Rings?
Either way i still want a proper adaptation of Le Mort D'Artur and The Once and Future king books, i'm tired of that reinterpretation of the Arthurian legends they're allways coming up for film and tv, just do a proper adaptation or don't try to change things for the sake of changing it, only if that helps the story. The only proper recent adaptation seems to be the Sword in the Stone Disney animated movie
Unfortunately Wheel of time is way too long to be made into a Movie(s) (being 13 books or so)

The Riftwar Saga would be nice.

And of Course the Dark Elf Trilogy
Dragonlance would make a good movie franchise, if the first three movies work out then you could do the Twins Trilogy as well.

The Belgariad would also work well as a series of movies and again you then have the options of doing a follow up series by using the Malloreon.

The riftwar saga is a great series but it happens over a rather long time which might make it difficult to film.

Spellsinger by Alan Dean Foster would work very well as a movie imo.
I'm currently adapting a very old public domain Christmas book and have to say - if it gets off the ground via getting picked up immediately or black listed (got the contacts in top film studios for it) - you'll see a certain jolly fat man like never before. It also falls into the fairy tale genre which is beyond awesome. For those who know the tale I'm talking about - I'm also filling in a couple of questions the story left out.
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In this recent wake of fairy tale movies, and the upcoming Hobbits, I would like to see an adaptation of Tolkien's Farmer Giles of Ham.

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