Who has seen Lookwell?


All the way up it!
Nov 27, 2000
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Who here has gotten the chance to see this pilot?

I keep hearing about it, and am dieing to see it.
For those who don't know, it was a pilot episode for a show, written by Conan O'Brian, and starring Adam West.
It was about An actor who played a detective, trying to get into the detective biz once his career is over.
On both the Family Guy and Simpsons commentaries, they bring it up, saying it is a hilarious show.

But on the family guy commentary, they mention that Conan and Adam pretty much used up all the jokes they had on the subject in said pilot, so they were happy it didnt get picked up.
Oh and they didn't use up all the good material, they definately could have done more, and as with every show it would have eveolved and expanded to allow more material.

The whole thing with the class helping him was really funny and a great idea for the show. I love it, I would love to see it get pickedup....seventeen years later......okay it would prolly suck, causeWest might be too old, and anyone else would suck....Just watch the Pilot and dream about what might have been.

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