Who is more evil, Ultimate Hulk or the Maestro?

The Overlord

Mar 10, 2002
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Ultimate Hulk and the Maestro are incarnations of the Hulk that are far more evil than the orginal. So who is more evil Ultimate Hulk or the Maestro?
Yeah, definately Ultimate Hulk. He eats people for laughing at tofurkey. That's pretty damn evil.
I am not to sure on the Intelligence level of the Ultimate Hulk so it depand. Because if the Ultimae Hulk is more or less like the Savage Hulk then he acts on instinct. But the Maestro as no conscience and he is a genius.
yeah, if you conciously know of your actions, you always go to the top of the evil tree...
Maestro because I tiger who eats people is not evil, nor a Hulk that acts on instinct.

One thing, I do not like that they made the Hulk a monster with the mind of a montser instead of a monster with the mind of a child.

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