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Incarnations of The Hulk

go to the one with the poll if mods see this please close
And he should stay the Savage Hulk if you try to change from that it would confuse the non-comic reading people even more.
Plus it would just be bad. Bad. So bad. oh, so unbelievably, indescribably bad.
I vote for the Devil Hulk. That version of the Hulk in my eyes is the most unexplored yet vital characters in the Hulk universe. If the sequel had the Devil Hulk in it, this is how I see it going down. For the record- this isn't really my list of how I want it as I would have reserved the Abomination for later, just how I think it would best go down.

1) Banner, as the Hulk, fights the Abomination to a draw briefly in the beginning of 3 within a populated area. Much of the surroundings are destroyed, and Betty is injured.
2) Banner comes to the conclusion that the Hulk's subconcious must be displaced into a pocket dimension so he can do no harm.
3) Atheon takes a sample from both fighters and clones a 'Devil Hulk'.
4) Atheon steals the dimension generator and brings it to their facility.
5) The Abomination fights the newly-created clone and loses/ is killed (whichever one).
6) The Devil Hulk destroys Atheon's main facility, rendering them powerless.
7) The Hulk attempts to fight the Devil Hulk, only to find that it has the initial power of the Abomination and the ability to grow even stronger through growth boosts.
8) The machine Banner created displaces the Hulk and Devil Hulk from their respective bodies, efffectively killing them in the real world, while transfering their essence into the pocket dimension.
9) The Hulk proves much stronger than his counterpart and seals the Devil Hulk's subconscious away in the pocket dimension.
10) The Hulk returns to Banner's body again, bringing him back from near-death.
11) The Devil Hulk is finally defeated; his body disintegrates.
12) Banner sabotages his machine, understanding now that the Hulk is needed for the greater good.

My reasons for not wanting to see the other incarnations is because I always felt it was too convoluted. The Grey Hulk was always too talkative in my eyes and introducing him would require another real-world explanation. To me, the Hulk doesn't need the Professor. I see the movie Hulk as being just as smart, but too enraged to really express his intelligence. He is, as many have stated before me, a man of few words. Banner Hulk is unusable under the same logic. Mindless Hulk/ Savage Banner were stupid ideas in my eyes during an era where the Hulk started to become less his own person and more of a plot device. I considered the Guilt Hulk, but to me the Devil Hulk would best represent a conniving personality. That's why I chose him- by having him as a clone we can be treated to a really good fight sequence, while having a being who knows what Banner doesn't want to show to the world; specifically, the evil within every human being and it's potential.
what incarnations of the hulk would you want to see in a movie
  • 1. Gray Hulk--Without a doubt
  • 2. Professor--without a doubt
  • 3. Banner Hulk--meh.
  • 4.Mindless hulk--too small of a history
  • 5.Savage Banner--not really necessary
  • 6.Maestro--I would love it but won't happen
  • 7.Devil Hulk--depends on how he's integrated
  • 8.Guilt Hulk--not really necessary

I'll be happy if we just get Joe Fixit and the Professor. I'd like to see Maestro but I think Marvel Studios will stick with a conventional 616 storyline.
49erVenom said:
I'll be happy if we just get Joe Fixit and the Professor. I'd like to see Maestro but I think Marvel Studios will stick with a conventional 616 storyline.

me too those are the main two i want to see
me too those are the main two i want to see

Those will likely be the only two we see unless the Hulk franchise goes beyond 3 movies.

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