The Flash Who is the Man in the Iron Mask?

Well I'm eating my words on this one. Was sure it was anyone, but Henry Allen's doppelganger. Though I didn't account for something like earth 3. Well at least JWS isn't killed off for good. That would have annoyed me. Though I think with Barry's decision at the end that and pretty much most things on the show may have been voided along with the timeline (except Zoom as a possible Black Racer since he could be a time remnant like Reverse Flash now). On the other hand, it could be like Pied Piper and miraculously most events play out the same except for key differences.

Can't help but think it would be good to see an episode with Jay Garrick Flash versus the Trickster (Hamill's version).

I still wish to see Eddie back as Cobalt Blue though.

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