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Who is TheCorpulent1

Oh, wow. Haven't seen you in ages.

I'm shocked you don't know Corpy. He used to post in Art all the time, now just sticks around in comics and games.
Corp is awesome, and the answer to your question, dedication.
Dang, I haven't seen the Kingpin if forever.
Kingpin's back, this is indeed a blast from the past...

Why are you using this username again? Have you filled out the proper authorization forms and gotten them signed by the appropriate parties?

Corp is a fellow Molly-hater....and that's awesome


Spoons = that skrull
Because he's been here since 2001 and has steadily posted since then without any major breaks (except for like a 3 month one). Also, he's ASSHAT, so we tend to derail a lot of threads with useless chatter.
I don't know. That's a pitifully small number, I say haughtily.
Yeah, it is. I wasn't gonna say anything because I didn't want to give you a case of post-envy. :(

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