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BvS Sequels Who Should Play Supergirl in the Sequel?

I wouldn't be surprised if they eventually have Supergirl in a movie. She'd have to be the second most popular, well-known female superhero in the world.
I'm sure she'll be in the next solo Superman movie or even in Justice League as a villain controlled by Darkseid.
Or after she crashed on Earth, she wandered off and joined the Amazons. That could be an interesting way to go.
If she appears in a movie. Is on the probable announced soon MOS2
Yep, like Lois Lane has to be a brunette or a dirty blonde or a red head. :grin:

eh......Lois can be whatever.....

but Kara MUST be Blonde!!

that's like 2,598th rule in DC comicdom............don't ya know.........:o

I've got another idea; the comic is in continuity, but Kara was picked up by Brainiac and put in a stasis holding cell. I'm picturing a scene where Brainiac is giving Lex a rundown of his anti-Kryptonian defenses and cloning cells, and reveals Kara as the reason why. The main reason why Brainiac still desperately wants Kal is because of the codex; Kara is a pre-population control example, while Kal is the eons later repository of all latter day Kryptonian genetics.

And to maybe kill two birds with one stone, Brainiac's genome breakdown of Kara is used to create Karen Starr in Project Galatea, and Supes and co have to try and free both young women, with the former being a cultural Kryptonian immigrant to Earth like her cousin while the other is a fully acclimated artificial Kryptonian.

And then Lex gets a look at Brainiac's methods and a sample of Superman's blood and begins trial runs of his own clones, starting with B-0 (Bizarro) and culminating in S-13 aka Project Lionel aka Superboy.
2 things
Kara looks older than Chloe Moretz AND, she has red Kryptonite! :wow:

Would be interesting if Lex could use these things to his advantage :hmm
not sure if that's Red K.

think they called it a "Sunstone."
It's the first thing you think when you see it :hehe:

It very well could be though. A crystal from Krypton harnessed with the rays of their sun. It's not like they'd call it Kryptonite anyway.
Just dye Shailene Woodley's hair blonde and you're good to go :o
We could just solve the female casting problems the same way Hollywood is trying to...

Supergirl - Jennifer Lawrence
Catwoman - Jennifer Lawrence
Wonder Woman - Jennifer Lawrence
Hawkgirl - Jennifer Lawrence
Lois Lane - Jennifer Lawrence
Mary Jane Watson - Jennifer Lawrence
Jean Grey - Jennifer Lawrence
Pepper Potts - Jennifer Lawrence
Storm - Jennifer Lawrence
Laura Croft - Jennifer Lawrence
Katniss Everdean - Jennifer Lawrence
Granny Goodness - Jennifer Lawrence

I mean, she is the greatest actress to ever live afterall.... :whatever:
Can we get the woman from 22 Jump Street, Amber Stevens, please? :hrt:

Did Kara become the anti Michael Jackson whilst on Earth? :o
Nah, her cousin (and everyone on her planet) is too white. :o

Now when they do a Earth 23 movie, she has my vote for Supergirl. :woot:
Can Claire Holt act at all? Because




whatta dime... :up:

also Brie Larson would be a better fit for Batgirl over Supergirl imo

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