Who Was The Green Goblin?

At this point, it's stupid to say that Norman is the Goblin or is somehow manipulating Harry. That just completely ruins their 'twist.' It's bland, predictable, and it's been done before. We've all read the comics. We've all watched the TV shows. We've all seen the movies. This will go down as the worst 'twist' in history if they turn around and say, "Norman is the Green Goblin!"
I feel bad for you when they do just that. open your eyes bud, the truth's coming for ya!
Harry Osborn was definitely the Green Goblin, but Norman probably had something to do with it.
we will have to see what they do with gobby in season 2.
The press release on the previous page certainly implies that things with Goblin were not what they seemed.
yea i still think it was probably both of them but harry being brainwashed or something.
He definitely needs to return early in season 2, I'm interested in where they're going with the character.
maybe he will turn up somewhere between episode 4-7 range.
That's what I'm thinking as well. However, something tells me he'll be in the last arc of season 2.
I'd like it better if he turned up around episodes 4-7, it'd give them more to do with him.

Man....we should be getting at least 15 eps a season instead of 13....
i wish it was 20-26 episode season. i hate alot of cartoon shows nowadays only do 13 episode seasons were as regular tv shows get on average 18-26 episodes for a season.
Agreed. So much more could be done with 20 episodes or more a season. We'd have much more room for comic arcs & you wouldn't have to look & be like: "Wow....15 seasons & not even 100 episodes."
yea with only 13 episodes for cartoon shows at most we get maybe 50-70 episodes for a series run unless they are like a simpsons, king of the hill, family guy which been on for years on years and have 100-400+ episodes. Were as a live action tv shows can at most have 4-9 seasons on average at atless get over 200 episodes be series end.
I could see this show having a lot of seasons, but yes, more than 13 episodes would certainly be nice.
yea i hope they make it to the 65 ep mark greg hopes to get with 5 seasons and then some possible dtv films.
It would be a let down if it were Harry the entire time, it being Norman only makes him more badass.
It'd make me even more interested if it turned out to be Harry but Norman had set everything up so he'd take the Gobulin forumla. It'd make him even more of a sick bastard than he is already.
Sorry to bump up a thred that is on page 2 but I want to put my 2 cents in as well...

It's Norman, plain and simple.

Octavius' "accedent" was SUPPOSED to kill him, Norman knew that Otto was a liability to his illegal experiments, so not being able to do it normally, he had to dress up in his garish costume to do so. I mean, if it WASN'T Norman, what would be the point in the Goblin attacking Octavius?

Do you REALLY think that a man who would rather die than apologize for stealing technology would take the fall?

Also, Spider-Man was stupid to tell Goblin that he knew Gobby's identity. Norman knew that because Spider-Man did know who he was that his home would be the webhead's first stop, and Harry happens to be passed out on the couch so...there we go... As for Harry's leg, he probably hit it on something when he passed out, so of course he wouldn't remember how it happened. Gobby faked his leg being hurt...
It's Norman.

Making Harry the first Green Goblin would be totally screwing up the Goblin saga. Like putting the cart before the horse. It just wouldn't work.

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