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The Dark Knight Rises Who's your favorite character in the movie?

Had to go with Bruce on this one. I connected with him better this time than in either of the previous two installments.
Yeah this was easily Bruces movie hands down.
I'd say Bruce because Bale delivered the goods but I'm going with Bane, my favorite villain of all time
Geez! Look at the results! I wasn't expecting Catwoman to be so popular!

It just goes to show, when you give female characters more to do than be love interests or get saved then everyone's happy.

Plus, Catwoman is awesome. Meow!
Blake for me. Gave Bruce that push, knew his true identity.
Plus all round do-gooder.
I didn't really care for Anne Hathaway's portrayal of Catwoman lol, but she did look nice in the suit.
Bane and Miranda/Talia, although Selina and R. John Blake could've easily gotten my vote.
Wait Selena from Underworld fims was Catwoman? :D

Anyway Selina/Catwoman was my favourite character. Anne Hathaway rocked in ths movie and Bale was badass as well.
Voted for Bruce because this is his movie(and Bale is awesome), but the whole cast is great(especially Anne and Michael Caine).
Anne stole the show every time she was on screen.
Bruce, Bane, and Alfred were all absolutely phenomenal. However, I voted for Alfred because this was undoubtedly the best film for him, even though he was in it less than both of the others, based purely on the ending and the overwhelmingly emotional conversation between him and Bruce...
Selina Kyle/Catwoman.

Hathaway was nothing short of amazing.
I'm a Batman fan, so of course, Bruce. Thats the main reason I loved this movie so much... its a Bruce movie! All about him and his journey. I really do think that if you are not in this movie for Bruce, you won't like it as much. When you ask the general audience what they liked most about TDK they almost universally go "The Joker was so cool!". Here, you don't have that. If you don't love seeing Bruce's journey, you won't like the movie that much.

Second is Bane. Oh my god. I wish the comics would go with this version of him from now on. Not even the Secret Six version is this cool. LOVED Bane. Even more as Ledgers Joker. He was the perfect villain.
I'm surprised no one's voting for Bane, I thought the guy was badass.
Selina Kyle/Bruce Wayne (tie)


4 sacks of sh-t


John Blake

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