World Why everybody has kryptonite!!???

el sensei

Oct 29, 2005
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it pisses me off that everybody has kryptonite and in the versus threads and in comics when you put someone against superman they say well with prep time he could find some kryptonite and then beat supes or something like that happens
Somebody already mentioned what I am about to but - What if Superman uses this elusive 'prep time' too? What then?
Odds are he'd spend it being Clark Kent, hanging out with his folks, and spending time with Lois.

I mean...why would Superman need prep time?
Pre crisis saw everyone having a chunk of Kryptonite. DC tried to do away with that mid 70's with the Sand Superman 'Kryptonite No More' storyline. John Byrne and the Ordway team that followed tried very hard to keep Kryptonite availability to a minimum. I'm afraid that the new writers are so enamoured of the pre crisis Superman that they'll reverse that.
During the Byrne years there was only one piece of kryptonite on earth.

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