Why, sometimes, I think statues may be a bad idea.

How about this, you give me 50 bucks, we go in a back alley, I kick you in the nuts, and we call it a day?
I'll give ya $150 if that kick in the nuts comes with a Modern Era Psylocke statue.
75 and I'll give you some playdough and a playboy magazine.
.........no. $55 for a kick in the nuts......but I get a hug after.
statues go up and down in price all the time... so just be patient
yeah, in a year or so they will drop prices alot, seen statues that usually sells for 200.oo or more then a year later you can get them for 50.oo
ya thats what ive been doing with the MS rogues gallery busts... they go for $50 but most i get for $25-40 on ebay
Yeah but it makes me wonder about current sets. Like the Phoenix Sage x-men set. Only 2 are out right now. So whould I jump on these now? Cause later itt'le be too hard to find one or two of them.
Update, I got a Psylock for $140 and did buy the first 2 phoenix saga ones.
Damn straight.

Roughie, you'll needto invest in a better camera so we can see your statue display
dude rough can't afford a new camera. he has too much stock in statues and toys.

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