Will you see this spin-off?


Apr 9, 2005
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Simple question, simple answer, hehe:

Will you see the Wolverine movie in the movie theatre?

I'd like to see what the x-men fans will do when the movie is released.
Yes. A different question is 'when?'
Yeah I'll try and see it opening day. Wolverine is the ****
Dunno. Marvel's last good movie was Spider-Man 2, and while I've seen everything after that I've been skipping some of them theatrically. I'll just wait and see how this one's gonna turn out.
I'll hae to see this in theatres to support it. I hope it does well . I want an xmen 4 and this is the closest thing to it.
Unless the movie looks terrible, which I doubt it will, I will see it in theaters.
I def will be seeing this movie in thetares opeaning day. Wolverine is my fav X-Mex character and the movie sounds great so yah.
Yea I'll be there to see X-men 4... I mean Wolverine 4... I mean this movie we're talking about.
I'll be waiting for the reactions and reviews. If they're good, I'll likely check it out.

With most comic films, barring it looking to be the next Catwoman, I'm there opening night (midnight showing, if available). I simply don't trust Fox anymore.
I'm definitely seeing this, but it's because of a different reason besides just liking the character.

I want to see if a movie can finally get Wolverine right. I've had to watch WINO for three movies running, and I'm getting tired of waiting to see a movie do the Wolverine character justice.

Now, don't get me wrong, there have been parts of the X-men movies that do Wolverine justice, but I have yet to see a full movie treat the Wolverine character the way he's supposed to be. I mean, by X-3 it wasn't Wolverine, it was basically Cyclops with claws.

Where is the internal turmoil? The battle against his berserker side? That was not even hinted at in the movies. Where's the reference to his history in Japan? Or if not that, at least film the fight scenes so it looks like the guy is an experienced fighter. He's had decades of martial arts training and was a former government assassin, but in the X-men movies he basically fought like a big brawler with claws.

I'm hoping that the Wolverine movie will correct the many mistakes that the X-men movies had, and hopefully see a more faithful adaptation of the character.
Hell no. But it's going to do very well, mainly because Hugh Jackman is a very good Wolverine - at the very least, he looks the part and acts it well (despite how it's written). I know there are a lot of Jackman haters, but it could be worse. Try being a Storm fan!
The X-films have very little re-watchable value for me.I was hyped when they were coming out,but they haven't aged well IMO.Too many kids running around and there was barely any sense of the X-Men being a strike force,rather than a group of teachers.And don't even get me started on the ridiculous doomsday machine plots in 1 and 2,one of my main gripes with superhero movies.

But this film has the potential to blow those away without a doubt.Now that all the kids,and corny ass doomsday machines are out of the way,all the focus can go on Logan and I think that will be key.
Yes, of course I'm going to see this film! I intend to go to theaters on opening day.
I'll get dragged to it whether I want to see it or not (coincidentally, I do) by my Wolverine-obsessed friend.
Most people on the Hype seem to be movie fanatics who see every goddam move that's released (and then complain about them!), so i'm guessing most people will see the movie.

I will more than likely see the movie early on, possibly at an advance media screening if I get invited. We'll see.
of course I will
I keep thinking that this will be better than X-2.

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