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Comics Wolverine and the X-Men Trailer

It does look really interesting but im not too sure if i like Wolverine as the leader...:huh:
I'm not really sure if he's the official leader or the guy who brings the team back together.:indy:
Great Trailer, really like the art design. It reminds me of X-Men Evolution, but now everyone is grown up. I've only got one complaint, and I'm sure everyone can guess what that is.
Let's see, all the characters that were shown were...

  1. Wolverine
  2. Cyclops
  3. Storm
  4. Beast
  5. Jean
  6. Xavier
  7. Rogue
  8. Angel
  9. Blob
  10. Avalanche
  11. Quicksilver
  12. Iceman
  13. Pyro
  14. Colossus
  15. Kitty
  16. Domino

Maybe I missed some, I barely noticed Colossus because the scene went by so quickly. Oh, and as for non-mutants, Senator Kelly is in as well.

*Edit* Agh... totally forgot Domino. And she was even clearly shown in the trailer. >_<
I can't get the website to work.

What characters show up in the trailer?

It's moving really slow but the link does work.

I think Jean might be dead, Storm's hair looks weird and I don't like the invisible hair over Rogue's face.
Oh lordy, Storm's hair is totally over the top. It looked really weird when she was on her knees and all you could see was that mountain of hair.
Is this in continuity with Evolution or a brand new thing? That would be pretty cool if it was a continutation.
looks like it could be in Evolution's continuity...which would be cool. i will be checking this out
No clue about continuity, but I'll definitely pass this one up. I'm sick of the "Wolverine is God" crap Marvel has been putting out as it is, and they've just made it worse by killing Jean (completely unnecessary) and making Cyke useless. :cmad:
and they've just made it worse by killing Jean (completely unnecessary)

Kinda, eh.

Brand said:
and making Cyke useless. :cmad:
Nah, he'll sport the uniform at some point. And Jean ain't around to off him a la X3.

Oh, and his reaction to Wolvie's pep talk is kinda more realistic than the one from X3. :D

WTF! They kill off Jean in teh first episode? So nto cool

The concept seems interesting and better than I expected. LOVED evil Rogue. She seriously looks like a contender for my favorite character base don that traielr

And is this series a sequel to the X-men Evolution series? The art style seems very similar and what little Ive seen, it looks like it could be a follow up a few years after that ended
Yeah, I thought it was pretty cool when Scotty boy just blasted Logan out the side of the building and then stood there and glared at him :) Scott'll buck up though. He has to. He's Cyke for christ's sake
It's not a sequel to Evolution; it's it's own continuity.

So, Professor X and Jean Grey gone. Also, notably, no Magneto in any of the Brotherhood scenes; did whatever happen to them happen to him too? Of course, no chance they're actually dead, I suspect.

Like the animation (apart from Rogue's transparent hair).

Having Emma on the show is awesome.
Like the animation (apart from Rogue's transparent hair).
for some reason, it bothers me too

I dont like the costumes, but the story is intriguing :woot:!
Hope Jean + xavier werent kidnapped by aliens, prob though

I dont know how to say it any other way but I really dont like that Wolverine is focus

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