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Nov 17, 2005
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If you don't know Activision extended their contract with Marvel to keep pumping out games for a long time. We already know about X-Men: The Movie, and Marvel: Ultimate Alliance but with the Wolverine film in the works you must know Activision will be ontop of it to make the Wolverine Video Game tie in. ATVI already said they'll be focusing on high quality games released at the same time as the films so this is got my wheels spinning.

I'm not sure how familiar you all are with the game Far Cry for the X-Box and it's expansion pack sequel Evoloution but while I"m playing that game I can't help but think I'm Wolverine escaping from the Weapon X facility. If ATVI is smart they'll go the First Person route with Wolverine and really make an immersive game like Far Cry. Surely Sabretooth would be one of the bosses in that one. Anyways when the Wolverine movie is made this game is 100% for sure going to be in the works with Activision so what do you guys want?

If you've never played Far Cry or seen it check it out!

Far Cry Trailer 3

Far Cry Trailer 2

Far Cry Trailer

Note: My second choice would be a game ala Riddick which I actually liked more than Far Cry but I think Wolverine is more suited for FPS imo.
I would want them to smooth out the kinks and flaws in "Wolverine's Revenge"'s formula and make a more playable game. The idea is very good, the execution missed the mark.

Mix in a bit more feral combat, vary the opponents some, improve the non-Wolverine graphics, etc. etc. They could make a very good game centering around Wolverine if they took what worked in Wolverine's Revenge, and then fixed what didn't.

Wolverine wouldn't work too well as a free-roamer, unlike mobility-unimpaired characters like Hulk and Spider-Man. As for first-person, I don't know, as I really don't enjoy first-person games, especially for brawler characters like Wolverine.
^ FPS are the most immersive though Riddick was totally awesome as a combo. Have you played Far Cry???
I've never heard of it. All I know is that I don't particularly care for the First-Person games I've played thus far. I'm not looking for immersive, I'm looking for fun.
^ You'd love Far Cry. You have and develop feral abilities like seeing scent trails, jumping extremlely high, running super fast, rage attacks, etc...Look at the trailers above. It's truly a ground breaking FPS.

Do yourself a favor and read the below link and then post your response. Just take a sec and look at it:

The most interesting weapon at your disposal, however, is yourself. Without spoiling too much (it is, after all, listed on the back of the box), you gain what are called primal abilities, which are essentially animal traits that give you a major advantage in combat. These include superhuman strength, enhanced senses and speed, and more. These abilities can oftentimes turn the battle, because the ability to literally "see" the scent trails left by your opponents or to shred your foes with your claws is a potent one. You are limited in its use, however, because the primal abilities are fueled by adrenaline; but you can restore this by finding the proper power-up or by stalking an opponent as you get "psyched up" for the impending kill.

^ So what read the review. It's also for the PC and XBOX360. That's not the point though. The point was the style of game and how it's suited for wolverine. If you look at the trailers and read the review you'll see what I mean.
It looks vaguely interesting, but just not my kind of game. Sorry to disappoint you.
I understand. I totally hate squad based games myself though a majority of people like them. To each his own but for the genre of FPS (which is popular as well) it stands out. Maybe we'll get the Riddick treatment. What I like about FPS games is that you become the character and you see things through the characters eyes. 3rd person games are fun and neccessary for some titles but they're not "as" immersive and you feel more like your playing a game than living one out.

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