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Mar 4, 2003
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hey guys, as some of you know I am writing a viral campaign for a horror film being produced by nehst studios. we are looking for another writer to join us in collaborating on ideas and writing them out. I figured this would be a great place to find some untapped talent since weve all been following TDK viral campaign so closely.

what we need is someone who has followed the dark knight campaign very closely, so that they get the concept of viral marketing, and can still detach themselves from it enough to come up with original concepts and ideas that do not just copy what weve already seen on batman.

Whomever we pick will be paid for there work once the campaign begins, have a credit in the film, etc.

we will be screening inquiries by giving each applicant a key element of the film and letting them come up with an idea to make it viral. the best ideas will obviously be the ones who move forward till we have our best choice.

apply at this address
[email protected]
should be, weve already come up with a lot of stuff, but its very difficult comeing up with enough material to last about a year, we dont want any big breaks like TDK has been having, we want to keep our fans immersed in the campaign
But sometimes breaks are good to help keep suspense going, as long as the breaks don't last several months...
thats true, but some of the dark knights breaks have been very long. This break is obviously excused because they are scrambling over heaths unfortunate death. however, they have had quite a few big breaks, taking a week or two off is one thing, or like for halloween, putting something up that is basically a countdown that goes on for a few days is fine too, but a lot of fans have complained a lot about big breaks.

we have plenty of content to work with so it shouldnt be difficult to keep fans into it, the difficult part is keeping the contents delivery original
we actually have what i think is one hell of a grand prize too, the winners of the viral campign will get to actually be extras in the film
That is a very cool idea.

I wish TDK did that...
well without giving much away, the film is about a cult that fans will be able to join, and the winners will be cult extras
I'm a marketing major and I would love to help. :up:
great, our associate producer is handling all of the registrants, im sure you will hear back from him asap
I'll think about it, and probably send in a email with some ideas. This is a extremely neat idea, and a very cool way to get some new talent.

kudos to you, as well as good luck making the film.

When's the deadline for applications?
friday is the deadline
we are actually writing a final draft of the screenplay to take care of some concerns and requests by the studio. Once the script is 100% approved and greenlit for preproduction, the campaign has to begin.
thank you all for your participation, the contest is now closed, we have responded to the participants who fit our qualifications, and are determining our winner thru a few short trials. we highly appreciate your support
Did anyone get a e-mail, and the title saying HAHAHAHHA!

It from that kid that did the fake viral and was trying to convince us that it was the Joker, remember the "Guy in Diapers" thing?
I got one. Deleted it without reading. Some one really needs to **** up his computer so he will stop sending us ****.

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