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Apr 13, 2006
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if you dont know what starkiller is, heres the sit rep: starkiller was the prototype Star Wars back in the 70s when George Lucas was experimenting with ideas for a sci fi movie.
so, i was thinking about adapting one of the early scripts or just the story to a script for a radio drama. but right now, i dont have the money it takes for sound effects and such, so im just gonna worry bout the script right now, im looking for at least one writer to help me get started. it would help if youre a star wars fan, but its not required. :)

EDIT: yes, if you want the job, please post a sample of your work
Sounds like a great idea, those early scripts had some interesting ideas. Its hard to believe that Han Solo was once a elderly green alien and Luke Skywalker old as well. If you would like a sample of my writing, you can see it here.
thats pretty good. i think youve got the job, when do you want to start? ive downloaded most of the scripts. im gonna be taking elements from all the drafts and combining them into this. you do know to write in script format, dont you?
I've never formally written any scripts myself, but have read quite a few, including a couple of the scripts in question. It doesn't seem like a hard format to follow. Alot of the early starkiller scripts are about the same minus name changes here and there (like Annikan gets changed to Justin and the Wookies become Jawas at some point), but the plot and lines are almost identical. My advice would be to pick one of them (the one you like best) and tweak it from there.
alright, so when can you start writing, ive got a little bit done but i'll work on some more later tonite
I'm still interested. I just need to know the battle plan your have for this. You say you want to either adapt the script for radio or just use the story, which I assume means starting from scratch, which are two very different ways of going about it. I say we take Lucas's script and make adjustments, which is less time consuming as I don't have the time to rewrite that gargantuan script.
yeah, we'll do that. but i only have a couple of the cast hired. so this is no where near release. im just finishing up a summary of the major scenes and i will PM them to you when i have them done.

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