Wth happened in Death of the Family?

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Nov 11, 2009
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Let me start out by saying that I did really enjoy reading this entire story arc and I have no intention of coming off as somebody who didn't.

With that being said, I just finished reading the entire arc and I was left a little unsatisfied. Throughout all the issues and the crossovers, it constantly hinted at something huge (hell, it was even in the title) but after reading it all and thinking it over for a couple days, I just cant figure out what the whole point was.

Of course I caught on to the obvious things such as Joker explaining how he felt toward Batman and their relationship, but is that really anything new? Their relationship has been technically based on the same emotions and motives since the debut of the Joker and something tells me that Death of the Family was meant to be more than just that.

Which leads me into the next thing that most people seem to be pointing out, and that is the loss of trust in Bruce/Batman between the whole "Bat-family". Don't get me wrong, trust is a pretty big thing when it comes to family (especially a crime-fighting family), but does anyone here really think that Damian, Todd, Dick, Jason, Barbara, Selina, etc. really trusted Bruce 100%? No, thats been apparent forever too, much like Joker and Batman's relationship.

There's really too many things to mention when it comes to the suspension and the anticipation of what was going to happen with all the threats that Joker made to everybody. Like Alfred, he was a major point in Joker's gag with him being the heart of the "Bat-Family", he was kidnapped in one of the first issues of this story arc and was mentioned by the Joker when he was taunting the Family what all he's done to him. But what did he really do? I know he poisoned him (along with the rest of the Family) with a slightly altered Joker toxin just like he did to all those homeless people in Teen Titans, to Raya in Nightwing, and countless other people. So what was the climax in that? Nothing.

So, my point is: surely the whole message Joker was trying to get across couldn't have just been "See what I COULD do? See how much I know about all of you guys but choose to do nothing about it?"

I would really like to know what anyone else thinks about this, so sound off. I'm really anxious to hear other people's reactions, reviews, criticism, or whatevers.​

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