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Feb 22, 2008
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Hey guys. I'm interested in cutting my teeth on the new X-Force comic recently released by Marvel. But i'm encountering a few problems in finding. I live in the UK and it doesn't seem like there is any easy place for me to pick up a copy. I don't want to resort to Ebay or any other mail order service as i prefer cash and actually shopping y'know?

Can anyone tell me where to look for a good comic stockist?!
Dont comics usually come out later over there than they do in the US? You may have to just wait. Also, I know for in the states you can dial 1-888-266-4226 to find a comic shop near you, but I dont know if the UK has an equivalent to that...
Where do you live, Sieben? Check the master list for a comic shop near you. Comics come out on Wednesday in the US, but other countries usually get on Thursdays. There's quite a few UK shops, and you should have no troubles getting your comics there.

I'm not sure how well X-Force sold though, so you'd have to check with a shop if they still have it, otherwise, you'll have to go to an online comicbook shop. There's quite a few.
Update: Shortly after posting and a fruitless search on the net and phone i decided to head out and brave the wind and rain. After searching for over an hour in every store from WHSmiths to Borders to Forbidden Planet, i finally found issue 1 in a small shop called OK Comics (www.OKComics.co.uk)!

And the previous poster is right. The shopkeeper informed me that we get new comics the first thursday of each month and that the next issue is due out next thursday!

Thanks for the advice guys and i hope this little quest helps some of you out in your hunt.

As for X-Force... cracking first issue and brilliant art work. Can't wait for #2!

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