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X2 Mistake:nightcrawler

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I Know This Was Just A Production Mistake, But I Was Watching X2 Preparing For X3 The Other Night & I Noticed This Towards The End When Nightcrawler Saves The Kids. Ok, The Kids Yell Up For Help & They Show A Quick Shot Of Them Below The X-Men. In That Shot When They 1st Show The Kids Nightcrawler Is In The Middle Behind Them In The Dark, Then You Hear His Teleport BAMF, Then In The Next Shot He Appears Down There....Again. Sad How A Major Film Production Company Could Miss Such An Easy Thing.-$!X
...Dude for 1. who hasent noticed that?? and 2. this is the Xmen 3 forum and you're talking about X2...
been debated before, closing
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