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X3 First Look on HBO


Oct 24, 2005
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Hey X Men fans look out for the X Men 3 first look on HBO Saturday just before the BB premier.:up:
Yea, this was posted before. But I cannot locate the thread. What time is it supposed to be on, because it is not even listed on www.hbo.com
i started that thread. its on saturday, quarter to 8 pm or so. its on before batman begins.
who knows. i imagine it might be, but i am gunna tune in a little sooner so i dont miss nothing. thats what they usually are, 15 minutes, the longer ones are advertised, like on tv guide.
YEah, the HBO First Looks are usually around 13 minutes..I don't have HBO and I'm actually kinda glad..

I'm being a little more cautious about spoilers now... :D Maybe after the movie, I'll find a download for it and watch it then..

Actually from all the catching up, the spoilers really not revealing anything I havent already seen through the year of production on X3 lol.
ill be watchin hbo anyway cuz i wanna watch begins again but also spidey 2 is whats on before bats..

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