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X3 should be the last X-Men movie



X3 should be the final chapter of the current X-movies. The franchise is in dire need of a complete overhaul. Ten years from now they should go for a complete re-boot, devoid of any connection to the current trilogy. X3 kind of looks like, the Studio 54 Mutants (X-Men) vs. the Grunge Mutants who live out in the woods.
^ i disagree they can do so many things with it why stop it here
i have to disagree. I would probably die if X3 was the last x movie.
I say anyone with Lance in their name is weird and is not allowed to talk for a few days....
deep_thinkin said:
i have to disagree. I would probably die if X3 was the last x movie.

Then you better take out a big time life insurance policy, quick, because X-Men 3 is the last 'X-Men' movie.
Ya, because Young Xmen wont be an ensemble movie of Xmen characters....
I disagree totally. This franchise is NOT in dire need of an overhaul like the Batman franchise desperately needed with Begins.
cookiva said:
Ya, because Young Xmen wont be an ensemble movie of Xmen characters....

That movie may never even see the light of day.

The only spinoff that looks to be a for sure thing is Wolverine, and even that is overdoing it.
Lightning Strikez! said:
Haven't we discussed this somewhere before? :confused:

Nope, never, I've never seen this topic brought up before.

I was really caught off guard by the topic of future 'X-Men' movies, it took me awhile to figure out how I wanted to respond to the topic.

Well, there seems little else to talk about, so I might as well add to this previously deemed worthless thread.

I don't understand how this could not be the last X-Men movie. I continue to hear that there are many possibilities with which this franchise can be taken, but I don't see it so long as certain players are not present. Also, many main storylines are entirely too convoluted and require too much explanation or prior knowledge . . . I think the general audience reaction would be, "What the hell? . . ."

Mutant Massacre - To me, this is most likely the best candidate of any storyline, but is hardly enough to sustain a franchise for multiple movies . . . and just having it as a fourth would detract from the powerful message of the other three.

Fall of the Mutants - Certain aspects may work, others definitely don't (i.e. inter-dimensional portals, Roma, etc.)

Inferno - Can't be done without Cyclops or Jean

X-Tinction Agenda - This is an interesting run, but is a bit over the top for general audiences (Cameron Hodge = giant immortal robot . . . I rest my case).

The X-Cutioner's Song - Good luck with this one . . . Apocalypse, Cable, Stryfe, the Legacy Virus, alternate timelines, etc.

Fatal Attractions - Too much to include and explain--Acolytes, Asteroid M (not believable), Magneto (who should probably no longer be the villain of focus), etc.

The Phalanx Covenant - I have no earthly idea how this could legitimately be done . . . and without almost ripping off Terminator to an extent.

Onslaught (not that it should be done) - Can't be done if Xavier's dead.

While some storylines, such as the Dark Phoenix Saga, have hokey elements in them as well, after their removal there still remains a relevant, powerful story. I don't think the same can quite be said for the likes of the majority of these storylines.

Actually, I almost agree with the poster of this thread. I think the X-Men should take some time off and then come back (not necessarily an entire reboot) with all main characters intact with new actors . . . otherwise the franchise just gets drawn out and long in the tooth.

If they could get all the main characters and original actors back for an X-4 . . . then maybe something might be possible, but I don't know what.
I agree with the OP.

Oh and I dont think Inferno can be done period. Its ultimately about the clone of a character who becomes evil because her husband leaves her for the real thing and becomes queen of a demon realm, and then the demons from that realm threaten to blah blah blah...

Yea. No way.
I heard in another thread they were thinking about X4. And that they wanted it to be somewhat like the Star Wars movies. Not just a few movies, more than just 3.... At least that is what I heard.
Last movie? No. Last movie of the trilogy? Yes. :up: Oh, yes, there will be more movies. The X-Men universe has unlimited storylines.

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