You Color It.

jonty30 said:
I did say you have to be patient. I have to buy a scanner, some crayons, and then I have to learn to use the scanner.

Some people!!

Yeah, and you also did mention this:

It could take a few minutes to load, so wait.

HA-HA, you are definatley not funny!

Some people!!!!! :xmen:
Okay. I'm going to announce the winner in like 30 Mins. LAST CALL FOR SUPERMAN!!!!
The winner is Roma. YAy. Okay continue the Doom ones and ill post another pic for you to work on to. If thats too hard sorry you dont have to color all of it.
brad said:
I colored the wrong one first :p . Thought I would show everyone my Superman. Good Job Roma!

Brad M.


lense flare...baaaad
Wow, some good colorists here. Should send yer portfolios out an' get into some companies.
Can anyone try and colour this.
Who the hell can that be?

I see a lot of darkness in him! May The Force Be With Him!

Koeffff, koefff (Darth Vader breething)


Cobblepot said:
Can anyone try and colour this.
I coloured it myself.
Can anyone do a better job?
hey marvelisawesome, sorry i didnt reply i was away for three days because i had to go somewhere. anyway yeah i can see it now and where did u get the pic, did u get it in the comic art comunity or in another website? and brad you such a great colorer

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