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Your favorite Brad Pitt films?

I think Snatch is the only Brad Pitt movie I own.
Fight Club

Marla's pregnant, Jacks Self medicating and Tyler wants out.

"Only after destruction can we have resurrection." FIGHT CLUB 2


Fight Club

Burn After Reading

The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford


Inglourious Basterds

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

I didn't saw a lot of his movies but my fav from him are :
- Snatch
- Se7en
- Meet Joe Black
- Fight Club
Fight Club
The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford
Ocean's 11/12/13
Got to be Fight Club and se7en, he is also particularly brilliant in Snatch.

I was working with a guy once who told me he was on holiday somewhere, I can't remember where but it was the filming location for Troy, he was in a bar or hotel or something, and there was pictures of all the cast up on the walls, like head shots but also pictures of the cast and crew all drinking and posing with locals and the staff who worked there. He noticed Brad Pitt wasn't in any of the pictures, not even a head shot, he asked the staff why this was and they replied it's because he's a complete jerk. Apparently he refused to associate with any of the staff in a manner of they were beneath him, and he was constantly rude to them, they hated him.

Might not be true, might be, who knows, who cares I suppose, just thought I would share that tale, still think he's a great actor, even if he might be a bit of a d**k.
The problem with George Clooney is it feels like his choice in movies are more quantity over quality. The only films I liked from him was

Up In The Air
Ocean's trilogy
O Brother Where Art Thou?
and From Dusk Til Dawn. And thats mainly because Tarantino directed it probably.

Robert Rodriguez directed From Dusk Til Dawn. Tarantino wrote it.
Brad Pitt was spotted looking rather lean and drawn this past Saturday as he clambered onto a BMW motorcycle in Los Angeles, says "Celebrity Connected"

The Shawnee-born 53-year-old had zipped himself into a pale grey bomber jacket, emphasizing his slender legs in a pair of fitted jeans.

His apparent weight loss comes months ahead of shooting on Ad Astra, directed by James Gray, whose latest film The Lost City Of Z Brad helped produce.
My top three are easily:
1) Se7en
2) Inglorious Basterds
3) Fight Club

I also like him in Troy, Moneyball, Sleepers, Snatch, The Big Short, and his small parts in Burn After Reading and 12 Years a Slave.
Fight Club & Se7en > all the rest

Notice that i'm not saying bad about the other movies, i'm just saying this are the best of the best...imo.
Jesse James > all the rest.
Basterds, Snatch, Se7en are my favorites, also loved his part in Burn after Reading, he's had a lot of great roles in a lot of great films (I'll probably get mud slung at me, but I didn't really care for Fight Club, Pitt was brilliant in the film though).

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