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Your first comic???

Orko Is King

Jun 29, 2000
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I might've had a few before this one, but I don't remember. So, AoS #483 was my first comic.

death of Black Hawk don't remember the number, mom got it at a dirt mall, I'm old but not that old.
I think the first comic I probably read was Superman or something. The first that I remember, however, was Archie Comics' Sonic the Hedgehog, which I read faithfully for years before I realized that I'd outgrown it and latched onto other books--Marvel first, then I branched into DC as well.
I forget the exact issue number but I think it was in the teens and the title was 'Spider-man.' Anyways it was the one where Wolvie is extending his claws and Spidey is hanging upside down in what looks like a forest on the front cover.
I think my first one was a generation x.I remember thinking there was too many words.Never finished it.The one that I remember actually really well was Cable 48 i think.The most action packed comic I've ever read.First page to the last.It kind of cemented me into the genre.Till I quit about a year ago for some reason.
My first comic book was Batman but i don't remember what issue was or if it was Batman, Detective Comics or Batman:Shadow of the Bat.
An old Ren & Stimpy comic.
I actually still have it, but the cover came off.

It was Powdered-Toast Man vs. The Amazing Spider-Man!
I think Punisher War Journal #11 was my first comic book I got.
Originally posted by The Amazing Spider-Man

How cool is that?
I have that one too. It was one of my first :cool:
This was my first :
Mine was Spec. Spider-Man 200 and it became my fav. comic and had me hooked for life.
WereWolf by Night #30 by Marvel Comics circa 1975.

Originally posted by the defenders
Not sure
THe 1st one I remember reading is Silver Surfer #50
That was one of my earlier ones too. :up: But I thought it had to many words so I didn't read it...
Looks like Me and The ManofBat are the old fogies here...

The oldest comics I remeber buying as a kid was an issue of the Incredible Hulk from the mid 70's but I was too young to fully appreciate comcis as an art form back then and cannot remember the issue number.

I did not seriously start reading comics until picking up the Punisher Limited series #1(Grant and Zeck), Marvel Universe Deluxe #1 and Alpha Flight #1(picked 'em up at the same time from my local specialty shop in the early-mid' 80's...I guess around 84 or 85 IIRC).

I quickly graduated to the Moore & Miller DC stuff adn right after that I started getting into the independents ranging from the Comico & First color titles(Justice Machine, Badger, Jon Sable) to the horribly written Silverwolf stuff(Grips, Eradicators etc.) and eventually Faust:Love of the Damned (which I initially bought because of Vigil's art and the visual similarity of the character to a cross between Wolverine and Batman but quickly discovered that David Quinn was the best writer in comics bar none).
Originally posted by Godlovinspidey
That was one of my earlier ones too. :up: But I thought it had to many words so I didn't read it...
Finally read it, not bad. :D
one easter, my mom bought me one of those bundles of 4-5 comics, they were all batman books.
i don't remember the issues, but it was about...................i dunno 17 or 18 years ago?
maybe longer.
i started reading my brother's wolverine, xforce, marvel comics presents and xmen at one point, and have been in and out ever since.
My first was Web Of Spiderman 81, with Bloodshed. It remains one of my fav's to this day. I'd post a picture but i'm not sure how.
It was a christmas gift from my grandparents a package thing

the first four issues in the gambit series The Tithe Collector Arc

and the Daredevil: Man Without Fear miniseries
Adventures of superman #??? I remember he is trying to talk a man with cancer off a ledge. The guy is going to shoot himself. i didn't really like it then because i thought it was boring. Now, i think, why the HELL don't they write Superman like this anymore?
I think I still have my first Sonic comic. Even though I don't remember which one it was, I have like...100+ issues, including miniseries and Super Specials.
Even though I've stopped reading, Sonic still kicks Mario's ass.
Mine was an Archie comic of some sort. It was only this weekend that I remembered them. I was a huge fan of those at one point in my life... before I found Marvel in my early teens.

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