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Your Thoughts on "Reboots"

What do you think of the new trend of restarting/reimaginng (rebooting) different franchises?

Just like with remakes

If something can be improved upon , go for it. That is if you're talking about something that feels very dated compared to our time. IMO not all movies need to be remade ( Godfather..) but there are many SCI_FI movies out there that can greatly benefit from reboot. Hell i know Forbidden Planet is SCI_FI classic but i'm not opposed to a reboot. Same goes for Robocop. Keep the (story)elements that made those movies a classic but update it to our times in terms of visuals .

However if you're going to make a halfassed attempt ( The Day The Earth Stood Still) please , grab a shotgun and kill yourself instead of raping the beloved memories of other people.
i dont understand why stuff needs to be remade. i mean only a few out of a whole bunch have been better then the originals. how hard is it to come up with something original and different. i bet hollywood suits are happy as hell comic books are being made into movies now. thats the closes to original we can get now. think about it our summer movies consist of comic, remakes and a few original pixar movies sprinkled in.

thank god for bruno
It's also cheap and uncreative. If a series can bounce back from Star Trek V, a series can bounce back from anything.

I think its cheap and uncreative to keep the same continuity going forever in an ongoing movie series. Mix it up.

Why limit a director's scope to follow what some other director did?

About the Star Trek V thing, I guess then that the Batman series should have stuck it out and kept making sequels to the first 4 movies
Some movies just had to be rebooted (Batman, Star Trek), some reboots ended up working (Hulk, Casino Royale), some failed (Punisher, Terminator) and some just desperately need one (Superman, Fantastic Four). But seriously, does anyone really think a Buffy the Vampire Slayer or a Cliffhanger reboot are good ideas? :dry:
Lol no Cliffhanger and Buffy are bad reboot ideas...

How can Cliffhanger be a reboot and not a remake anyways?
In some respects, the idea that there's some sacred continuity is a relatively new phenomenom.

In theater, a "reboot" is pretty much putting on a new production of an old play. Only a generation ago, you weren't able to buy movies to watch anytime you want and were basically left up to the vagaracies of tv programmers and revival houses. Without the original being readily available, the idea of a remake/reboot certainly had more artistic legitimacy.

The ready availability of orginal source material I think has distorted the process somewhat. It's not enough to take the rough idea, but fans expect their favorite bits to be recycled. Or the reboot to take pains to correct things that the original "got wrong" even if it's not that relevant to the story at hand. My problem with a lot of reboots is that they're checklists more than stories.
That's the problem with certain reboots.

For example, how can you 'reboot' Cliffhanger when the movie isn't even THAT outdated?
I think its cheap and uncreative to keep the same continuity going forever in an ongoing movie series. Mix it up.

Why limit a director's scope to follow what some other director did?

You can mix it up without flushing great films down the toilet. I can't for the life of me understand how telling a story everyone already knows is more creative than moving forward.

About the Star Trek V thing, I guess then that the Batman series should have stuck it out and kept making sequels to the first 4 movies

Actually yes.
The one thing about reboots that could make them good is to take have a fresh take on the franchise.

I think Friday the 13th (the reboot) was lame..because in the end, it was THE SAME THING only with a better film quality.
But why change it? Friday is awesome. I came to see kids die, boobes, and Jason. Dont try and mix it up like Jason Goes to Hell or Jason X did.
Reboots should only be considered if the original source material is vast. Some comics are perfect for reboots, because they have decades of material to work from. Spider-man will undoubtedly get a reboot in the future after Raimi and crew are done. They can only go for so long, and Spider-man has too many great stories to limit for just 6 or 7 movies. James Bond is good for reboots too, because there is already so many movies and novels to work from. There is also that mentality of thinking, "We've already made 20+ movies, why not make 5 more?" Buffy and Cliffhanger though are terrible for "reboots." I don't even think they're reboots since there wasn't much of a film franchise anyway. Even Buffy with it's tv show had enough to give fans their fill. There are way too many other properties that can be used instead of Buffy. The Friday the 13th series is a guilty pleasure of mine, and I own the first 8 movies. Still, that crappy remake/reboot/reimagining was more unnecessary than a hang glider for a vulture. There is only so many times you can see a guy kill people in the woods, and if you're dying to see something like that being "updated" after 11 outings, then you seriously need to expand your horizons. Characters with multiple films need to actually have some kind of progression and versatility besides chopping people to bits. I love it too, but we need to leave that **** in the 80s.

Remakes on the other hand are the most vile thing about movies today. Cinema is a form of art, and remakes really cripple the ability of it as an artform. Imagine if in any other medium we got remakes. What if someone took a Van Gogh painting, and "reimagined" it? That person would be called a hack without originality, and these remakes are far from original. Having it "updated" is a stupid idea and excuse. Who in the hell sees a movie in the present day thinking to themselves, "That movie was hot. I bet it would be even hotter if some guy did the same thing in about 20 years with the same characters." There's also the dumb excuse that the movie is outdated. Well no ****, it was made decades ago. Any film gets outdated after awhile. If you really want to enjoy the story, then watch the damn film and accept it for what it is. If you can't accept the movie due to it's age, then watch something modern. I was interested in the story of Taxi Driver, and guess what I did? I watched the movie. I didn't like it, but I'm not going to hope some guy directs a new movie to give me a chance to like it. If I didn't like it then, I don't care to see another take on it. It's what pisses me off about these remakes. Also, and this is my opinion, but there have only been four good remakes I can think of. Peter Jackson's King Kong, Man on Fire, The Nutty Professor and the 2004 Dawn of the Dead. Hollywood needs to seriously start thinking progressive again. They're using excuse after excuse to be lazy.
Reboots are wonderful , god bless. It's all about doing it at the right time , with the right idea , and doing a good job.
When certain series run themselves into the ground I have no problem with reboots.

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