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Youtube/AVI problem

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Dec 31, 1969
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I have an AVI file I'd like to upload onto Youtube. But after successful uploading, it can only play a fraction of a second of the 3-minute clip. The clip can be watched without any problems at all on Windows Media Player, but not after being uploaded onto Youtube.

I can't even convert the AVI clip. After conversion into either MOV or MP4 formats, same problem. Could only play a fraction of a second of the clip.

I've looked everywhere for answers but couldn't seem to find any. Anyone here could help shed some light on my predicament?
If your using windows, try importing the file into Windows Movie Maker and save it as a wmv. This should work since I edit clips in there most of the time.

First, launch WMM from the Start Menu. If you can't find it, search for it.

1. Find the "IMPORT" button on the left side of the program.

2. Pick the file you wish to re-encode.

3. Drag it into the timeline.

4. Go to File -> Publish Movie (wording might be different in XP)

5. Choose the name of the file.

6. Make your various changes. If you choose "More settings", it brings up a selection of file formats. Change it to something with "Windows Media" in it.

7. Your done! Wait for the file to finish and upload.

If some of the options aren't there (Publish Movie) you might have to look at your XP version of this product. Otherwise, the codec of the video might be corrupt, or there is a problem when Youtube tries to re-encode the file format to .flv!

Hope this helps!

P.S - I upload WMM videos to YT all the time, so this "should" work.
Why is it that when you first go to YouTube,it's fine..but after you watch a few videos it begins to load more slowly?

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