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Jul 4, 2005
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Watching it now, review up soon.
What can I say, I had hoped that the Justice League would appear, I mean, this being Justice League Unlimited. It was a great episode though. I don't know how you do spoilers and hide them, so I won't say any more.
man, i was hoping for a review before i got home but never mind...


i'll catch it tomorrow in the morning
I want to talk about this episode, but I don't know how you can hide spoilers! :O So therefore I will be silent!
Just put {spoiler} and {/spoiler} around the words. Replace the {} with [] brackets.:)
put what ever you want to in here [/ spoiler]

take out the space between the / and the s in the second bracket and the writing will then get covered up.
I'm probably gonna be in the minority, but (apart from a few choice moments) this episode bored me, until about the last 10 minutes.
It was just the villains fighting each other, changing sides, yadda yadda. I like fight scenes as much as the next person, but I think a lot of people will probably enjoy it. I was really surprised when Luthor killed Grodd. And when he used Tala like that. My DC knowledge is small, so I don't know who that dude speaking to Lex with the funky head piece was. It seemed important. I had a feeling that Darkseid was gonna come back, but the way it was done was really good. I am wondering how Luthor and them survived that explosion. Looks like a big beat-em-up team up next episode. From the previews, I didn't see Flash anywhere. Not that I want him to be the main attraction for this episode, but it's the last ever episode of JLU. If he doesn't at least appear with a speaking part, I'll be really disappointed.

I can't believe Monday will be the last episode. So sad. I hope the episode is really good.
Thanks you guys! Don't read unless you want to know ALL that happens!
So the entire episode was from the legion of Dooms perspective. It started with Lex, who sounded different to me, as he continued his obsession with Brainaic.
Tala looked into the thing and shared the vision with Lex. They saw remnants of Brainiac in space, so Lex got everyone to build extra parts onto their base, which took off into space, piloted by the Toyman.

Tala decided to go back to Grodd, and they led a rebellion against Lex. Cue a very long battle between the villians until Lex won and sent Grodd to his death (by opening the airlock). He then used Tala to try and get Brainiac back and some Godlike man appeared. he warned him of their destruction and before you know it, HE was back. Yes, Darkseid. He thanked Lex for resurrecting him, and appeared to wipe them all out as the spacebase exploded.

We then go to Darkseids homeworld, I forget the name, and there is a big battle between rival warlords. It pauses when Darkseid comes back and says he wants to destroy Superman and Earth. Before that, he will deal with the planet they agreed to a truce with, I also forget the name.

It ended with the JLU Earth-base, and the Legion led by Lex asking for the Justice Leagues help.

Overall it was a great episode, and it ended with what most people hoped. I might add that I did say I thought that the JL and LoD would team up, and I was right! The only downside was that there were no good guys today, but hey, we should see them in the final one!
We still dont have confirmation on the shows future. Not like the show hasnt been in this boat every season.
i missed it today, damn, and the spoilers doesnt work so editing before someone sees it

*second edit*

i cant wait to see darkseid again. i have a feeling the team up will be more than jlu and lod. i think more heroes and villains (embargo) will be shown
This is it! The two part finale, part one. I...umm...we have a problem. I'm afraid I'll have to spoil th whole episode. Reason: theres too much good things here that if I don't say them, you'll probably say this episode was disappointing. Which it wasn't. But if I did spoil, you probably won't feel excited once it airs on Cartoon Network. What to do....what to do....what to do...





Alright? Let's go....

Luthor has been trying with no luck getting the last Brainiac fragment to open. Finally Tala shows Luthor with her powers where it came from: the space fortress Brainiac built and as destroyed in the JL 2-part episode "Twlight". Luthor has the whole supervillain chain make the HQ of theirs go into space with most of the villians turning against Luthor. Grodd is freed from Tala and fights Luthor, so does half of the whoel Legion goign against the other half.

By sending Grodd into space (so...dead for good), Luthor is the victor. They arive at their destination and collect all the Brainiac fragments. Tala is used to bring back Brainiac with her life at stake, all by Lex. Then he appears, not Brainiac, but Darkseid. He gives thanks and destroys the Legion headquarters.

Back at his home planet, Darkseid ends the civil war that staretd when he died. On Earth, Luthor and those who survived go to the JLU with Luthor saying "WE have a little problem."




Now, we're getting started. As the first part out fromt he two parter ends, the ultimate battle between good and evil begins. I knew, as many would, that the word "SHOCKED!" was going to haoppen in this episode no amtter what. Luthor, the fight between Legion who support Luthor and Legion who support Grodd, and finally motherload: Darkseid's return and the Legion and JLU's team-up of sorts.

The animation was top noch, so was the music. Everyone acted perfectly. Despite their appearence which was only half a minute, this was an all out Legion only episode. It had to be to get the gfinale ball started.
I can't talk more about this since you all know, IF YOU WANTED TOO.

RATING: 9.5/10

Up next:

The Finale....All bets are off, who will survive?
Why not just use spoiler tags?

This was a great episode...

Wow, what an episode, especially watching Luthor jettison Grodd into space, there was absolutely no way he'd survive that. This show pulls no punches when it comes to the deaths of characters, it will do it and as animation is maturing, we're seeing directors take more liberties in killing people.

Darkseid was obvious, but his return was done so well. This show has a uncanny ability to write seasons together seamlessly while still pulling in old plot points. Much of the events in the second season has laid a framework that provide great story arcs for the third and second season.

I still don't know how the Legion survived, but I'm guessing Luthor or Tala saved them all.

However, I really do wish they could have had this as a three-episode season finale.
Beyond crispy. Hope to god this aint it for the show. We are so frekin close to totally closing every loose end(we know eventually brainiac will reconstitute himself either in supes lifetime or the distant future in a certian cousins era) from superman.
Wow, we might finally get the payoff we wanted from the end of Superman TAS now also. That would wrap up both BTAS and STAS. Great episode. Looks like the next one is going to be the ultimate knock-down drag-out fight!
And from the end credits Supermans going to have a rematch.
Is that
Michael Ironside still voicing him?
supes is so blatantly going to die, it's untrue....

looks like everyone is going down hard....

although supes can't die cause he's in terry's timeline....
Grodd: Why is my headquarters moving.

Great line
By the way, word is the finale won't air for another 2 weeks at the least.

And I agree with that for the most part, it was boring. But the resurrection was great. And quite surprising, I'd forgotten all about him.
Great Episode, the beginning parts were a bit dull but mainly because it featured a ton of villians I've never seen before, and the animators should of had more Sinestro action. Anyway the Gorilla Grodd part was AWESOME! The toymaker fight was kick ass... Along with the ending except

Does anyone else think it'd of been awesome had LOD just died in the explosion at the end
Movies205 said:
Great Episode, the beginning parts were a bit dull but mainly because it featured a ton of villians I've never seen before, and the animators should of had more Sinestro action. Anyway the Gorilla Grodd part was AWESOME! The toymaker fight was kick ass... Along with the ending except

Does anyone else think it'd of been awesome had LOD just died in the explosion at the end

Its Toyman.

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