“Destroyer (Part 2)" Talkback/Discussion

REview up soon.
I thought this was a really really good episode and a fitting one for this whole animated universe to go out on.
Nothing profound, deeply moving, no real resolution to relationships, but just good entertainment with some fantastic moments from so many characters.

Its hard to top Flash fighting Brainiac/Luthor, but I thought Superman standing up to Darkseid and saying hes going to show just how powerful he can be was really cool and one of the best moments in JLU.

Superman: "But you can take it, can't you big guy. So now we have a rare opportunity for me to cut loose, and show just how powerful I can be..."

Of course it didn't last, but it would have been silly if Superman had physically defeated an uber-Darkseid.

Batman had some great moments too, saving Luthor, saying how a gun isn't his style, continually going after Darkseid despite being outclassed, avoiding the Omega Beams (which is silly really, but it worked well), and having the final shot be of him running into the screen. It was nice to see he and Superman fighting alongside each other in the final episode too, very fitting.

The return of J'onn, awesome. Anti-life equation and the source wall, great. Flash and GL teaming up again was cool. And Luthor was just great through the whole episode, he, Superman and Batman were really the stars of the show, its a shame Joker could have been part of it too. The ending was nice too, its not the end of things, the fight continues and the League will continue to save the world, "the adventure continues", some people may demand closure to particular relationships etc but I liked it ending that way.
I just really liked the whole episode. :up:
The thing that made me smile the most about this episode was the fact that
J'onn came back! And J'onn had a girlfriend! Awwww! Flash's comment about it made me chuckle! OOOH, and Flash got a kiss from Giganta!

I will really miss this show. I liked that it was had a good finish, but it still left the door open for a lot more. Too bad we won't get it, but there's always the slight hope of DTV's.
Lex's comment about his power suit was just so funny.
This show is honestly one of the best shows on television. It's not often I get up and miss my Saturday lie-in just to watch a television show. Apart from 24 and Lost, I wouldn't do it for any other show. Smallville wishes it was this good. (Although, Rosenbaum rocks in both shows :D) A big thanks to everyone ever involved with a DCAU cartoon. I've grown up with these guys, and it's sad to see them go but at least they got a good send off.
The best line was definately Supes' saying "It's Lex Flippin' Luthor"!
Supes going 'all out' simply kicked my ass!
I'm not quite clear on something...
So the only survivors of the Legion's base explosion were those few who fought in the episode then? Does that mean that the amount of villains were reduced drastically? Can anyone list who were members before and after Darkseid popped up?

It was a great episode, a nice (final) chance to see the Leaguers do their stuff. Were there any notable missing members? I know The Huntress never appeared, and
obviously neither did Supergirl
anadinseawater said:
I know The Huntress never appeared, and
obviously neither did Supergirl
Well she didn't need to, she'd have read in the history books that Darksied was neutralized without her.

I liked this episode, and it does feel very final. And if it isn't, how do they go about topping it?
The Huntress isn't in the league any more

I though Question kicked ass in this episode even though he said nothing.
Red X said:
The Huntress isn't in the league any more

Neither is J'onn J'onzz or Hawkman, I just thought it would have been nice to see the Black Canary fighting side by side with the Huntress, as friends, as a sort of beginning of the Birds of Prey. I don't think any superhero would really sit by because they weren't part of the Justice League!
We need Screen Captures!!!! For us Americans!!!!!
What an episode. If that is the end of JLU then at least it went out with a bang, it was great to see Superman at his best too.
Fapomatic? Are you nuts?

I'd take it down if I were you, you might get banned for linking to a site containing nudity.
Darkseid, Superman showdowns no matter how good have gotten so repetitive. I'm glad this was the last season. Alot of the episodes this season felt very rushed including the finale. Hopefully Timm and Dini can move on to bigger and better cartoons preferably with only one hero like Spider-man
Personally i hope this isn't the end of JLU.

I think Warners would be dumb to end it people Superman Returns isn't far away and Batman's Back and looks like a Flash and WonderWoman movie isn't far off why pull it.

It would be far cheaper to cotuine the show for more kids to know of these heros.

If they
Looks that way.
This is it! The second part of the two part finale, the last one. Just like Part 1 before it:







Alright? Let's go....

Superman has no choice but to believe Luthor saying Darkseid has returned. He explians that he and the ones who survived were thanks to Sinestro and Lightray from New Genesis. Before the JLU can put the villians into holdign cells, Boom Tubes start to appear on Earth and Darkseid's army comes to attack every city on the planet. Both the JLU and Legion have no choice but to work together, with the deal that everyone will go back to regular business once its done. With that, every JLU member and Legion member go into action.

Superman, Batman & Luthor go to the most protective mothership that is hovering above the Daily Planet. Where Darkseid is. Once they take out the monsters, Darkseid appears saying that they're actions will cause every life, then he says "let's go". Luthor is thrown off by Darkseid and Batman saves him, with just Superman and Darkseid on top. Darkseid throws the globe of the Daily Planet at him, exploding the building in the process. Its revealed that the ships are carrying drills to go down to the Earth's core. Making Earth another Apokolips.

Superman & Batman & Luthor help each other defeat Darkseid. While Batman and Luthor fight the monsters, Superman delivers a right clock to Darkseid's face. An old man leaves his wife helps Wonder Woman while she is against it. Until the old man morphs into a dragon and then back into his own form: J'onn J'onzz aka Martian Manhunter.

Batman helps Superman but once he and Luthor are gone somewhere, Darkseid beats Superman to the ground. Then holds him up and slams his back on to his knee. All in a while, Metron has been watching the fight. Luthor demans him to help and says theres only one way and takes Luthor with him. The World's Finest still help each other, using better actions to beat Darkseid without him knowing. Then Superman explains that he's been holding back the whole time and wants to show him how powerful he really is; and he punches Darkseid, throwing him away to the middle of the city. Catches him again and throws him to the streets.

Then Darkseid throws to Superman the agony matrix, which gives Superman unlimited pain. All seems lost until Luthor returns to give Darkseid something: the anti-life equation. Once he and Luthor holds it, its waves erupt from the area and spreads. Superman and Batman leave then the area explodes. Luthor and Darkseid are gone.

News spreads of Darkseid's defeat. Superman thinks Luthor is dead but Batman doesn't believe so. The rest of the league agrees as this has happened before. The villians argue that even as they helped them, they're still going to jail. Superman and Batman smile and give them a 5-minute head start.

With Wonder Woman says "the adventure continues", the heroes run towards the camera.


I'm gonna cry, this was a great ending. Even the last five minutes and its music add that to me to shed tears. The DCAU....no, TB and TT are DCAU also so the Timmverse has ended.

The ultimate battle between good and evil continued here as Legion helped the heroes and vice versa. At first, I thought this was going to be an un-holy alliance but it wasn't. Its obivious on the heroes helpign the villians but once a hero got hurt, the villian saved them. That was a surprise.

The REAL stars was the World's Finest; Superman & Batman. Since the whole Timmverse started with Batman: The Animated Series and Superman: The Animated Series, it seemed right to give them the final episode to start in the most. Last season's finale had the ending give to the 7 main League members to end their show, plus they had the great Flash/Brainiac fight. But even that didn't feel like "the end" to me, this was perfect.

This episode had the best moments in JLU. From Superman showing how powerful he was to Darkseid to Luthor's scenes at the end. I thought this was going to add some more to a finale but it didn't. There was no conclusions to the relationships, but it was still deeply moving.

It would've been stupid if the fight between Superman and Darkseid was quick and easy. Good thing it wasn't. Timm's Superman is Byrne's Post-Crisis Superman, not the Pre-Crisis over powered version. Batman had some great moments too. Him saying about havign a gun isn't his style is of course him, but I felt this was also due to the actions Deadman did to him in Dead Reckoning. Not much though, my thoughts go there.

The return of J'onn, that was expected. Either he was going to be in the fights or seen from the sidelines. Either way, him in the last episode had to happen because...it had to.

Well thats the good things, the rest is so-so. Because this was just another episode, it didn't feel like a finale. Darkseid at first seem great for the end, but later on it seemed like what was the point? Sometimes while it was nice to get another season, I felt it shouldv'e ended with last one's. That was a "the end". Of course, its my opinion. Epilogue is the true finale to the timmverse.

In closing, this episode closes the door on the Timmverse. I'll miss it, and even others will. While I still like TB, it still has ways to go coming from the restricitions it has as a kid's show. But it exists today because a WB exec asked a Tiny Toons animator named Bruce Timm if he wanted to do Batman.

It led to the great BTAS. Then they returned for STAS. And there wasn't actually a Timmverse until Batman appeared in STAS leading to TNBA. Then the future came into the DCAU with Batman Beyond. Then back with Justice League and finally Justice League Unlimited.

16 years of greatness.

Now, this is the end. We'll miss you.

RATING: 7.9/10

As a special bonus, I did a tribute music video of the DCAU. Its for fans who feel sad of the end of it all. This music video and its feelings is what everyone else feels right now after hearing about this episode.


I loved this episode. It wasn't as emotional or poignant as Epilogue was, but it really was a fitting end to Superman's mythos.

Plus, seeing him just go all out and show how insanely powerful he is when not held in check was just fun as hell.
Dark Carnage said:
Well she didn't need to, she'd have read in the history books that Darksied was neutralized without her.

I liked this episode, and it does feel very final. And if it isn't, how do they go about topping it?
See, that's the problem here. The episode doesn't feel final at all to me. It feels almost final but not quite. It feels like there's gonna be another Timmverse series, but we know there won't be. It feels like maybe the JLU comic will continue on, but I'm sure it will finish up as well without a cartoon to support it. Lex Luthor and Darkseid "aren't dead yet," and we all know Brainiac hasn't been annhiliated either. The League is stronger than ever, and they're chasing the Legion of Doom across the globe. It feels like we're supposed to see these people in action again, dammit!

On the other hand, if God intervenes and we do get another season of JLU, this episode really can't be topped. There was this apocalyptic final battle that I think we all looked forward to more than any other season finale except maybe season 4's. There was so much in this episode that felt like, "hey, we're about to go away now, so let's show the entire DCAU in action one last time, because this is their last chance to make you love them."

It was an almost-heartfelt goodbye that had way too many "but just in case I can't find work somewhere else, I might come back and do more DC shows" escape routes in it. While I'm not happy to see Justice League go, they could have let it go out with all the dignity it deserved, rather than smiling coyly and hinting that it might stick around. This series deserved a proper ending, and even if it comes back again, it can never really have one because they've already played that card.

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