12 Internet First - Ohh How We've Come So Far


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Aug 6, 2009
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Who remembers ICQ? Oh, what glorious chat days those were :up:
The first ever message board I posted on was Falcon's wwf.simplenet.com circa 1997. I thought it was the coolest thing ever. It's there I was first exposed to the term "spoiler".

The early days of IGN were kick ass but now that site is complete garbage.

Another one of my favorite sites during the early age of the internet for movie previews and spoilers was Coming Attractions by Corona. They had a TON of cool pre-production stuff for the Star Wars prequels and first X-Men movie.
I used to use the prodigy.net chat room when I was a teen in the 90's and I have an active hotmail account I haven't checked in about 7 years. I used ICQ too and it only hit me recently that it was meant to stand in for "I seek you." Yeah, not that observant.
Here's one...

I used to work for AOL. :p
I got a computer in 2001 and remember how slow the video downloads were

- it's when I first discovered there were websites for Transformers and G.I.Joe
- I discovered YouTube sometime in 2005 when I was watching the Spider-Man trailer with the World Trade Center teaser.
- I discovered Wikipedia in 2005 when I clicked a link explaining me what was Marvel 616.

-and of course I discovered porn.
Here's one...

I used to work for AOL. :p

Sorry Piper you've lost me with the gif.
I receive flak for collecting comics and 35mm film trailers, but broken laser pointers is weird.

IM was a major part of high school; I have not used it since, along with Myspace (I keep trying to delete my account, but, nothing is happening.)

But, I miss the set up of it: it beat the heck out of FB's chat.
In -97 I got a used Packard Bell with a 486 processor, and started to surf at home with a 33.3Kbs dial up modem. To download a 3-5 Mb file took like half an hour.

Of course the search engine was AltaVista, and the cooler-than-IE-browser was Netscape..

I remember back in the day I used to have an IBM Aptiva.
I remember the first PC my father had bought. It was windows 3.1 and had something like 700kb ram. I had to teach him how to use it.
Ah, Netscape........

back in those days, I used to make sprite comics every week, and visited Planet Zebeth whenever it was updated.
I remember tying up the phone line with the internet back when.
I try not to; I'm spoiled now.
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I remember having IM and not remembering who people were.
I remember having to wait like 30 minutes for a 3 min porn video to download.
Dial-up for all you nostalgia freaks.

Ugh, I do not miss that.

The tones were torture.

Or having the connection lost for no reason at all.
Web TV was pretty big for a while too. Their chatrooms were so fun to troll in. My friends and I used to have so much fun screwing with people all night long. If you got kicked out by a mod, all you had to do was just go into another chat room.
Napster was awesome for the year it was relevant before Lars Ulrich threw his hissy fit. I found a lot of good viruses songs on there....:o

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