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1970's live action "Shazam!" series is coming to DVD!!


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Nov 21, 2001
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I can't believe no one has made a thread about this yet.


"Never before available on home video, Filmation's 1970's live action "Shazam!" series is coming to DVD. The three-disc complete series arrives courtesy of Warner Archive who, today, have just revealed that fans that preorder at WBShop.com are in for a surprise. They'll receive a variant cover featuring artwork by "Power of Shazam" artist Jerry Ordway...."



I'm getting this. Yeah it was corny as hell but at 8 years old I loved it. This will be a nice addition to my collection. :D
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I'm excited! I have the Wonder Woman Complete Third Season DVD set, which released the first episode of SHAZAM! "The Joyriders" as a complementary bonus DVD.

I also have The Secrets of Isis The Complete Series DVD set released by BCI/Entertainment Rights, which Captain Marvel (John Davey) guest stars in three episodes.

I payed a lot of money for the Isis DVD set on ebay. SHAZAM! and The Secrets of Isis are fun series with timeless morals of advice to teach kids, plus the morals could be a reminder for adults, that "a gun is not a toy." "Think before you act." "Safety first." "Treat others the way you want to be treated." "Two wrongs don't make a right, it only makes things worse." "You can't judge a book by it's cover and that's especially true with people." "It's the way a person acts that counts." "Showing off is not the way to gain respect, respect is something that must be earned." "Trying to be someone your not only makes you look foolish." "You can't buy friendship, real friends like you for yourself." "Every ending is also a beginning full of hope and promise." "Being responsible means keeping a promise you made." "Doing anything you know is wrong is dumb." "Being a true friend is believing in someone when others wont." "Frightening people is cruel so before you play a joke on someone ask yourself how you would like it if they were playing the joke on you," etc. Filmation hired professors from UCLA to include positive educational messages through the SHAZAM! and Isis shows. No sarcastic campy joke. It's done sincerely with heart. The shows dealt with serious issues like dealing with the death of a loved one, etc.
Jackson Bostwick (Captain Marvel) said, "To me, the most effective part of the show was not even in the initial episodes when they first started airing, but which eventually became the icing on the cake for the series. It was the end tags, when Captain Marvel flies back and talks to the audience about what they learned in that week’s episode. Right after they first aired, I told the Producer, Bob Chenault, that they missed the boat by not having the hero come back and wrap things up, ala The Lone Ranger, Cisco Kid, Sgt. Preston of the Yukon, etc. He told me that the network didn’t want to give up the 60 seconds of commercial time. Well, after the fan mail started arriving and indicated that they wanted to see more of Captain Marvel (not just in the last 15 minutes of the story), the gang at CBS in New York finally relented and we went back and filmed those tags for those first 15 episodes in one day out at Franklin Canyon Reservoir in Bel-Air. (It was important) not to preach to the kids and to give them a friend and someone to look up to, like I had with Clayton Moore as the Lone Ranger when I was growing up."
Isis also appears on three episodes of SHAZAM!

Here's the SHAZAM! facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/ShazamTvShow

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I'm glad Shazam and Wonder Woman still get the nostalgia vote....I still remember 'em well. But does nobody remember poor old Isis....? :( She was part of that short-lived live action superhero TV era in the 70s....
man FILMATION was the SABAN of the 60s and 70s
I have all three seasons of the Wonder Woman DVDs but for some reason mine didn't have the Shazam bonus DVD.:huh:

Isis was fun but at the time it was not part of the DCU, It was made up just for the TV show. DC didn't bring her into the DCU untill 2006.
Boy I used to watch Shazam and Isis religiously every Saturday morning and I remember WW too on weeknights.
back then I thought Joanna Cameron was all sorts of hot...
Well I got my Shazam DVD on order, Can't wait. :up: :woot:
Well, Got my DVD the other day. Anyone else get one of these?

I'm glad they made this and I'm happy to have it.... But.

They could have done a better job on it. IMO it looks like a well made fan production. I know the show was low budget, I'm not talking about it's production value, I'm talking about the production value of the DVD it's self. You don't get anything but the episodes and the so called "Special Features" are the episodes with the so called "Morals" at the end. It says at the start of the "Special Features" that the "Morals" parts are the best versions they could find but they didn't try to clean them up any. Most of the "Morals" segments are grany and are of poor value.

The main episodes are in pretty good shape but again I don't think WB tried to clean them up any. They just put them out as is. I don't even think they put the episodes in the right order. On disk 2 you see episodes with Jackson Bostwick then they switch to episodes with John Davey for a few episodes then they go back to episodes with Bostwick before ending up with Davey again. It's just poor production value on the part of WB.

Again, I'm glad to have the whole series on DVD but IMO WB could have done a better job of putting the DVD set together.
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Well, Got my DVD the other day. Anyone else get one of these?

I got mine.

You don't get anything but the episodes and the so called "Special Features" are the episodes with the so called "Morals" at the end.

Your expectations were too high. This is a Warner Archive Collection release so I wasn't expecting episode commentaries and interview featurettes and documentary featurettes and digital remastering of the closing moral segments anyway, so my expectations are not really disappointed. We are lucky we even have the moral segments that conclude each episode, which had been removed from the original master copies for more commercial time when the series went into syndicated reruns long ago. Warner, and BCI/Entertainment Rights for the Isis DVD set, had to use lower-quality sources for the morals, because they weren't included on the set of 16mm masters from Filmation.

With lesser known cult classics like this series released from Warner Archive Collection that have a small fanbase, you gotta take what you can get. Warner Archive Collection DVDs are custom DVDs sold directly to the consumer, not shipped to retail stores like Walmart, Best Buy and Target, and are only exclusively sold at wbshop.com, amazon.com, cduniverse.com, etc. This is because Warner Archive Collection DVDs are of films and TV shows that are little known cult classics today that have a small fanbase, so not shipping the cult classics to retail stores mitigates the risk of retail stores being stuck with unsold merchandise and saves Warner Brothers on the costs of storing unsold DVD stock in a warehouse.

I'm happy Warner Brothers officially released the entire SHAZAM! series on DVD. Other than the cut moral segments, the picture and sound quality of the episodes is a major upgrade from the crappy grainy bootleg copies that had been the only way for fans to see all the episodes for years. It is great to see the classic show with such a clear, vibrant picture. These are clearly off the 16mm masters. So I won't complain. We also get the original "The SHAZAM! and Isis Hour" bumpers, the commercial break bumpers "We'll be right back to SHAZAM! after these messages." "And now, back to SHAZAM!" in every single episode. We also get the SHAZAM! episodes guest staring Isis, and even the end credit voice-overs asking you to "Stay tuned for the exciting episode of Isis coming up next." For behind the scenes interviews you can easily watch Jackson Bostwick talk on YouTube and hear him on Flashback at blogtalkradio.com and read Jackson Bostwick, Michael Gray, John Davey and Joanna Cameron interviews on various sites. I didn't buy the DVD set for interviews, I bought it for the episodes.

I don't even think they put the episodes in the right order. On disk 2 you see episodes with Jackson Bostwick then they switch to episodes with John Davey for a few episodes then they go back to episodes with Bostwick before ending up with Davey again.

The episodes are in the order as they originally aired on CBS from 1974-1976.
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I have an interest in ordering the Shazam series, but really need to check out that bonus DVD that came along with WW Season 3 just to make up my mind how soon I want this. More than likely, it will be much later until I'll be able to actually view it.

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