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2 Questions

Da Docta

Come On!
Apr 29, 2005
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1. Can you change the title of a thread?

2. What does this signify?


3. How do I make the above arrow thinner? I'm too lazy to experiment with Photoshop.

4. I meant 5 questions, can I change the title of the thread?

5. Did I repeat myself?
1. Nay.
2. Age (I think it's actually the first time I've seen the word "signify" being used in these boards. You win a no-prize.)
3. Use Paint
4. See nr.1
5. Say wha?
1) Yes...I can
2) The length of time that that individual person has been alive.
3) Get it to eat less and exercise more.
4) No...you can't
5) When?
Edward Brock said:
I knew it!
Sure you did....that explains your answer of nay.
C. Lee gets 5 extra points for answering the 1st question correctly. Now, if anyone can answer #5...
C. Lee said:
Sure you did....that explains your answer of nay.
Uh... y-yeah... Yeah. Yeah, that's right! I knew it all along. Yeah.

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