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Apr 25, 2002
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Just want to know who else have been collecting the new figures that celebrate the 25th anniversary of GI JOES from Hasbro. My bro & I both collect them, and so far I have Storm Shadow (my fave), Cobra Commander, and Flint (soon). I won't collect that many figures but they are pretty awesome.
I was thinking of picking up the anniversary 5-piece sets -- 10 figures in all
I have...so far I have Beachhead, Shipwreck, Destro (v1), Storm Shadow (v1), and Crimson Gaurd.

This line kicks serious ass :up:
The figures are indeed very nice but the plastic used seems too flimsy that I'm afraid I'll break their arms.
I've got the first 3 waves and 3 box sets so far.
i have the adventure team man of action
I have the first 3 waves and 2 of the box sets. There are only afew of the figs that I want from the newer waves.
Is anybody else having a tough time with their stiff joints? I read that if you dip the part of the joint on the figure that's stiff into a cup of hot (not boiling) water it loosens them up.

Personally I don't wanna risk it.
That can work. Heating up plastic allows a bit of flex, but you cant over heat it. I havent had that bad of a time with the tight joints. After you get the initial "snap", they move fine.
i've got all 3 of the 5 packs and the first 3 waves. i want EVERYBODY though.
can i get links to these???

are they still selling them or am i arsed out?:csad:
You should still be able to find wave 3 at retail. 1&2 may be a little harder or impossible to find. The newer waves, 4&5 are hitting now. Ive also been able to find the 5 packs at TRUs. There are 2 waves of comic 2 packs also hitting the shelves currently.

Big Bad Toy Store is a place where alot of collectors get their figs, if you dont want to hunt.


You can also preorder the future waves as well.
thanks shadow :up:

do you know if they sell out do they usually get them back or is that it?:huh:
BBTS? Depends. Sometimes they will get back in the older waves after they have run thru their initial shipment of preorders and open cases.
thanks.. tryin to get the Black Timber( I know good luck huh?) and wave 1 it appears i found out about these too late..

i did look at some at Target the other day.. and they do look cheaply made...not like the original toys... i dont understand why they couldnt just re cast them
Theyve been using the same molds for years until this wave. If you look at the many different series of Joes that have been put out over the years, alot of them are the same molds, just repainted or with new head sculpts. The purpose of the 25th line was to give us updated sculpts with the vintage feel.
understand.. it just looks a bit cheap.. doesnt it? maybe its not.. but to me they dont look the "upgraded"..idk.. i still love them nonetheless..

you got the Black Timber Shadow?:huh:
I saw that BT variant about 3 times at TRUs when that wave first hit, but I never bought it. Im not one for variants plus Timbers grey anyway.lol
oh i feel ya... its just the BT Variant is WORTH alot isnt it?:huh:
I do believe it is the highest price one on the aftermarket.
Are there going to be any vehicles made? I'm actually working on getting a cobra army. I almost got flint but someone bought it before I did on BriansToys
I just got Flint, Snakeyes/Stormshadow 2-pak, and a Cobra 5-pak. I'll probably get Lady Jaye next, but still undecided on Serpentor.
There are going to be afew vehicles made. The first is going to be a Target exclusive H.I.S.S. Tank!

There is also supposed to be a new Serpentor released later in the year based on his original design.
For anyone interested, www.hisstank.com has uploaded several images from Toy Fair. They show the Target exclusive Hiss tank among many other new releases for this year.
I just picked up the Armored CC and a CG today at WM. I was out "hunting" today and Joe is out in all the stores in full force. Problem is, they dont stay on the pegs long. However I must say the stores have been pretty good at keeping up with the demand.

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