A Day in the Life...of me

So what time did your parents pick you up? :huh:

Well I carpooled with my friend Justin. So I had to wait some time after 9:00 for his dad to finally pick us up, while Justin cuddled with his girl :o .

I desperatley just wanted to leave
Not really.

Like the Vietcong were Victor Charlie, or Charlie(along with the already mentioned). Germans were Krauts. The Japanese were referred to as Japs.

They aren't meant to shorten the name at all. It's just a way of de-humanizing the enemy.

It makes it easier.

Yeah, I know that normally, but I wasn't in the purest state of mind last night.
d-dude wtf im justin and i will admit most times i m cold arrogant and a bastard but you know i had no idea of wha they were planning
d-dude wtf im justin and i will admit most times i m cold arrogant and a bastard but you know i had no idea of wha they were planning

I said before that I'm not blaming this on you. It's just I've been really depressed lately thinking back on what happened that day. You know, did I do something wrong by censoring myself throughout the day? That was kind of a rhetorical question.

Justin, you did nothing wrong. Just being my usual self, I always expect more and then end up walking away unsatisfied. If Allie had brought a friend who actually cared what I had to say instead of bringing a friend for moral support, then I wouldn't be having this problem. The fact that you and I were mislead and in the end you got the upper hand, leaves me shortchanged. but again that was not your fault. i didn't know i was the wingman.

Also as the mighty Wingman...you owe me big time buddy! :oldrazz:
I don't wanna wait for our lives to be over

I want to know right now what will it be
Man I am exhausted!!!! Let me explain my day for you if anyone cares or can relate.

I just went to the beach today, in what i thought was supposed to be, a blind date. My guy friend (Justin) and his co-counselor girl friend from camp (Allie) were going to go to the beach for the day. Now they've known each other for a few weeks, but are not willing enough to say that they like each other. Mind you Allie has this all planned out. She's conspired this day at the beach so that Justin will admit his love for her. But to make it not so akward, a friend from each person would make the day fun. Little did Justin and I know what Allie was planning. See we thought that Allie was hooking me up with her friend, while also trying to get closer with Justin.

Pfft, ya right :whatever:
Do you know what happened? I met this friend of Allie's, same exact name except spelled differently. You should have seen this 'Ali'. I looked at her pics on myspace and I thought she looked cute. I meet her up front, she's thin as a rail and has the biggest grill (teeth) I've ever seen. The braces supplied make her look kind of scary. So at first it was really akward for me just trying to get to know Allie and Ali. I would like to add that Justin's Allie is ****ing hot!!! I was so jealous of him. plus, she had a great personality, very likeable. Basically Justin and Allie act exactly alike. think Dr. Cox and Jordyn from Scrubs.

We get to the beach. i try to establish myself, act friendly, ask questions. You know act like I give a damn. However because my friend Justin needs no explaining he jumps right into his comfortable sarcastic mood as he always does and the girls take to him. Yet, they could care less what I have to say after i politely listened to their stories. So i get the message, I'm going to censor myself throughout the entire day. As the day goes on it was alot of fun. Body surfing in the ocean, teasing each other on the beach, running, me getting buried in the sand. I was starting to feel like i really belonged. But low and behold the real reason I'm there at the beach! Allie had no intention of hooking Justin's friend (me) up. No, I was just there for support. So I could tell Justin to make a move on Allie. Not only that, but Ali was in on it too. Not that i would ever want to go out with her, but she didn't even give me a chance. She completley wanted nothing to do with me the whole day. she didn't even want to talk to me like a civilized person. Everytime she pulled me aside so that justin and Allie could get close together, both of us departed ways along the beach.

In the end, my friend Justin got together with Allie. really glad for him, but somewhere along the line i can't help but think 'what about me?'. I felt so used. there was no reason for me to be there except to be a barrier zone. I spent 12 minutes just walking around the beach for the sake of my friend of hooking up with a girl, while I got nothign in return. It sucks to be me.

I'm 16..want to know what will make you feel better? A 13 year old girl..whattttt!? :wow:

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